Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Last night in order to get out of the house and entertain the kids, we decided to go on an alphabet scavenger hunt. We headed off to the mall, where there were sure to be letters in abundance. We have an old digital camera that the kids have commandeered, so we let them bring it to take pictures of all the letters they found.

The first few letters were a bit of a warm-up. The kids didn't quite get what was going on, so we were having to explain it each time.

The next few letters, the kids grasped the concept and were actually finding them by themselves. Alex felt the need to pose with the "g."

The peak of the letter finding excitement took place during the next round of letters. Ella would scream in delight with each one she found. They were really into it.

And then it all started to go downhill. Ella started dancing around like she was having a seizure. Alex was climbing under every sign and kiosk. Mom and dad were having to redirect their attention back to the task at hand.

We were getting closer the the play area, and the kids were getting more and more distracted. We were having to point specifically to each letter in order to get them to take the pictures.

Now mom and dad were wishing they'd never thought this idea up in the first place. "Hey, kids, if you find the next letter we'll go home and have some brownies!" We'd resorted to bribery.

And in the end, it was mom and dad who took the last pictures while the kids went screaming down the walkway. If mom and dad can't catch us, then we don't have to leave the mall!

The concept was a good one. But maybe next time we'll just do A through F.


Chapman Family said...

Fun!! Imagine doing the Hungarian alphabet. Phew! That'll keep em busy!

Chapman Family said...
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Sarah said...

Hah. That sounds like half my "brilliant" ideas!

Harmony said...

This is such a good idea! Well, the A through Z part!

Andrea said...

Sorry, but I had to laugh about Ella's dancing!! Hee hee!! And what a fun idea. And I love how your pictures are just as fuzzy as the kids' pictures.

Life as a Greenstreet said...

Great idea!

Linds said...

Good idea, especially with the commentary and tip to only choose a few letters!