Monday, February 9, 2009

The Amazing Race

For a while now Anton and I have talked about applying to be on The Amazing Race. We've watched it for quite a few seasons now, and it's one of our favorite shows. But after many discussions we finally decided it wasn't practical for us to do it since we would be gone for 30-40 days. What would we do with the kids? No one wants to watch someone else's kids for over a month. Not even grandma and grandpa would want to do that. So we dropped it. No Amazing Race for us. :(

So then when Anton's brother was out here for their dad's funeral, I overheard them discussing The Amazing Race. What's this? You're going to apply together? Traitor!! Sure, I'll stay home and watch your kids for a month while you go traipse around the world having all sorts of fun. I'm only the one who thought up the idea and now you get to do it. :(

Now, don't get me wrong. If they get chosen to be on the show, I'll be super happy. I mean, I'm not one to turn down the chance of half a million dollars. Though if we had done it together we would've gotten to keep the full million. I guess beggars can't be choosers.

So last night Anton was putting the finishing touches on his application and he asked me to help him with his passport-sized photo. So I snapped a photo of him and pulled it into Photoshop. One of his eyes looked a little wonky, so I decided to fix it. And while I was in there I decided to fix a few other things too.

Here you go, honey. I hope The Amazing Race is super fun. Without me.


Andrea said...

I love it!! Great nose, and those lobes!! LOL!! I hope he gets on the amazing race. If he does, I might actually have to watch it.

Amy said...

I can tell that you're not at all bitter about this :) Hope they make it - that would be truly AMAZING!

Hadlock Hideaway said...

Now that will for sure get him in! Hehe!

Chapman Family said...

turn the other cheek? More like the butt cheek! :) You just get even... :) Good luck Anton!

Lucy said...


Julene said...

You honestly would try out for the amazing race? You love to sit on the couch and watch movies,:) I would watch you though if you were on. The picture is hilarious. I had only scrolled part way down and thought what on earth happened to his ears? Then I realized it was a joke, good one!