Friday, February 13, 2009

A Quick Valentine Craft

Do you need a last minute Valentine idea? I found this one somewhere online. I don't remember where. So if I stole this idea from you, thanks!

Just trace your hand and cut it out. Fold down the two middle fingers and tape. Then we taped hearts over top with our message written on them. Easy and quick, and a fun way to say I love you!


Andrea said...

Oh I so needed this, I didnt' get Stacy anything and he got me flowers, card, and some thing else I can't share in the comment section of your "G" rated blog, hee hee!! Those are too cute!! I am so going to have the kids make those. I might print out some Valentine's day paper from my scrapbook stash!! Thanks for the idea!!

Chapman Family said...

Cute! Where was this for Preschool this week? :) We'll do this as a family today!

Des said...

Oh, these would have been so cute for Gabby to hand out in school. Especially for her signing simple why oh why can't I come up with ideas like this?? Thanks for sharing, we will keep this in mind for next year.