Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pride Cometh Before the Fall

So after my foray into embroidered pillows, I was feeling pretty good about my amazing embroidery skills. So rather than continuing to do piddly little projects, I decided to do something bigger. And harder. For some reason I always have to do the hardest of anything first. So I decided I wanted to do a children's book illustration. I chose to do this one from The Little Prince, or Le Petit Prince, for those who read it in its original French.

Shouldn't be too hard, right? Simple black outlines with solid colored blocks. Instead of using fabric applique this time I decided to paint the colors in before sewing it. That part went okay. Then I sewed. And oh my. The poor Little Prince.

I tried to pretty it up by putting it in a nice frame. And from far away it actually doesn't look to bad. But you have to move in closer to see the worst of it.

Umm. Is that his nose attached to his eye? And his mouth looks like it's hanging open to catch flies. And yeah, just ignore the loose threads hanging everywhere. I got tired of trying to tie them off and just started snipping.

Now, I know it's not a complete disaster. You can at least tell what it was supposed to be. But it sure isn't the masterpiece I was picturing. Oh well. Practice makes perfect, right? Anyone want a slightly disfigured Little Prince?


Andrea said...

I think it's way cute!! I love it!! And if I had tried that, it wouldn't look anything like a Little Prince.

Amy said...

You make me laugh - I think you are amazing for all the wonderful things that you try and create and are successful at. If you look really close, his face does look like it was rearranged, but the whole thing looks incredible.

Chapman Family said...

You really crack me up. "hum, I think today I will try to embroider. Oh, look I am a natural... again."

Nice try getting pity.

Julene said...

I agree with Andrea. If I had done this it would probably look like a frog and no where near a prince. You did better than you think. Keep going!

Linds said...

Wow, you've been busy. The little guy isn't so bad, pretty cute. Your grocery bill is just ridiculous, I'm jealous. I love the pictures you hung and how you can change them out! Pillows, adorable, I need to keep up on my blog reading to get in on these goodies. And that German dessert, fun that the wafers are in so many bright colors.