Monday, November 5, 2007

The Weekend

On Saturday we went to a Family Fun Day put on by the local chamber of commerce. It was pretty lame. However, they had free bounce houses and a big slide that the kids could play on for free. That made the $5 parking fee worth it. Ella loved the slide. She'd scamper up it:

Then come flying down the slide:

Anton and I took turns taking Alex up:

He's not brave enough to go down frontwards. And since Anton and I were already up there we took our turns going down too.

And since I'm the writer and editor-in-chief I chose to edit out the picture of me going down the slide.

The kids did take a round in the bounce house, but it was just briefly then back to the slide.

Alex doesn't seem to like the bounce houses much anyways. He's always trying to escape.

We all (our friends Tonia and Andre were there too) went out to lunch afterwards at a local BBQ joint. Fun times!

That night we made a time killing trip to Wal-mart. Usually we end up in the book and magazine section just browsing and wasting time. Ella has found a very handy perch for reading her books:

And have I mentioned before how much I love this scrunchy face Alex makes when I hold up a camera?

In more exciting news, an old friend of mine from college was here in town visiting her brother, who just happens to be our friend John. This world is oh so small. So on Sunday evening we went over to John and Emily's house to hang out with them and Julie and Steve and fam.

We played Apples to Apples and the kids ran around like crazy animals and we all had a great time. It was so good to see Julie after all this time. Now let's see if she takes my challenge to start her own blog!

Today we went and saw The Bee Movie. I didn't think it was that great. It had occasional funny one-liners, but over all I think the hype wasn't equal to the quality. Even Ella couldn't sit all the way through it and she loves watching shows. Anton had to take Alex up in the back and let him run around so he would be quiet. Afterwards I discovered that they would have been perfectly happy not going to the movie at all if we had just let them play in the arcade all afternoon.

They like to pretend like they are playing the games. It's a good thing Alex can't read or he might figure out that he wasn't really doing anything.

Ella gravitates towards the shooting games. Does this signify some inner rage she needs to let lose? I'd rather not find out.

So that's been our last few days. No news on the military separation thing. Just waiting. We still haven't decided what to do once Anton gets out. If anyone has a great idea we'd love to hear it! Have a good one!


Harmony said...

What do I have to do to get the bouncy slide picture? :-) I think you should be the breadwinner when Anton gets out--take pictures and make cupcakes. You rock at both!

Mo Bloggin' said...

Great pictures. It's too bad that you didn't put in the picture of you on the slide. I but that you were just too scared to go down and you didn't want to have other people seeing it.

Andrea said...

That looks like you had a fun time. That is what you were doing when you were ingoring me!! I see!! Don't you just love it when they think they are playing the games?!! Cute!!
I like harmony's idea, you should go into photography!! That would be so cool!!!And cupcakes would be a plus!!

Chapman Family said...

Looking funner. . .that's a word, ask a linguist. :) Anyway, I have tagged you. Don't groan! I heard that! Blah blah, I know. Go to my blog to find out what to do. Ready, set, GO!

J.R. said...

We pretend those slides and bounce houses are just for kids but honestly every adult wishes they had one in their back yard.

Victoria said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I worked on some marriage certificates from the 1950's in West Virginia and now I'm working on a 1900 census record from New Hampshire. The hand writing is wild and someone wrote notes over the names of the heads of household making them pretty unintelligible. The information is interesting. I love the little tidbits of history you learn along the way!

Your photos are great of the kids at the arcade. Eve plays with another girl when Aaron does his bowling league. The girls just pretend they are playing and never ask for money! Woohoo!

Some time in the next few months I'll be taking a cake decorating class from the local Cake Art store, so maybe I can try to make some of the cool cakes I've seen on your blog! :)

I hope you have a great weekend!

Lucy said...

Your kiddos are getting so big!