Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Confusion and Clarification

So I thought everyone decorated for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. It's what we did all growing up. But after getting a bevy of comments from people wowing that I had already decorated I started to wonder. Am I weird? I thought I was late getting my decorations up since it was the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I mean, come on, we only get one month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, shouldn't we make the most of it? Then again, I only have about 5 decorations I put out and I have just those 3 small trees which take about 10 minutes to decorate, so maybe that's why it is not as intimidating to me. But I must say it has been a bit taxing to keep Alex out of the trees. He actually pulled the smallest one over on himself today and has the battle wounds on his face to prove it. He got all scratched up. Poor kid. Ella keeps going around and turning off all the lights so she can see the trees in all their glory. It's so fun to see them excited about it. Though Ella is a bit wary about Santa. She keeps declaring that she doesn't want to see him. Easy enough. Saves on the gift giving for me!

In other news, I wanted to clarify one thing for a few people. Yes, we were turkey bowling in the chapel of the church. But it is OK. They are just a small branch and their chapel is also their cultural hall. Never fear! We were not breaking rules. Though I must say, it did feel a bit scandalous to be sitting in there the next day at church, and as Harmony said, thinking to myself "Hey, that's where I got a strike last night!" Though sadly I didn't get any strikes. I guess that's why it felt so scandalous to think it.

The next two days are going to prove to be busy. I have left all my monthly scrapping duties to the last minute, which means I have to do 2 pages tomorrow since we are going out of town on Friday and Saturday (yes, again). I've also just taken upon myself a project for a Christmas gift for my parents which will need a lot of attention if it is going to be a gift for this year. Plus I've also volunteered to work on my brother-in-law's family history. Luckily his mom already did quite a bit of work, but none of it was in the computer. So for now I'm just entering names. Such fun. But keeps me busy.

Anton called about his paper work the other day and they told him to bug off, it's going to be a while longer. So no plans to go anywhere yet. So Anton's parents have bought tickets to come down here for Christmas. We've never hosted family for a holiday so it could be interesting. Anton has already planned out all sorts of adventures to take them on.

Speaking of adventures, did you know Anton is planning on running a marathon this weekend? That's where we are going. His hurt back from last week has been feeling fine so he is going for it. He went today and bought all his nutrition supplies, like Gu and other pleasantly named items. He's really excited for it. I don't get it. Running is something I don't think I'll ever get excited about. That's probably why Anton is the thin one and I'm, well, me. Please pass the ice cream.

Though, I had to declare for all to see, Andrea and I have made a pact. We are both going to lose 5 pounds by Christmas or we owe the other one $50. I better start saving. Just as soon as I made the pact I got a cold, and any sort of outdoor anything sends me into coughing spasms. So exercise is being postponed. I'll just have to starve myself right before Christmas. I'm sure the sludgie thick hot chocolate I drank tonight didn't help matters. And it's a good thing I didn't have any block cheese or I would have eaten half. What is it about drinking hot chocolate that would make me crave cheese? I don't know, but I really wanted some.

But enough rambling, and all without a single picture for you to see! Maybe I can scrounge one up, just a sec......





There you go! And you thought I must have been out of scrunchy face pictures by now. Well let me tell you, it's hard to run out when it's the face he makes every time there is a camera within a 20 foot radius of him. Love him to death!


Andrea said...

I love the scrunchy face. Oh yes and we are so breaking the rules. It just sounds better that way. I am scruge, I don't know if I want to do decorations. I want to come and watch on Saturday!! I confess I didn't excercise today either!!

Harmony said...

Thanks for the clarification! I was in the chapel this week thinking "This would ROCK for bowling" I'm going to bring it up at the next ward council! :-) You're hilarious!

Squatly said...

Well i don't think it's ever too early for christmas! (after thanksgiving)