Friday, November 2, 2007

Role Reversal

Today was a day of role reversal. It all started this morning when Alex came up to me wanting to put on some of Ella's dress-up clothes. Not one to inhibit my children's creative urges I obliged:

Isn't he so pretty? And I love that scruchy face he makes everytime I take his picture. He kept taking them off:

Then he'd bring them back over to me and I'd put them back on. Then he'd take them back off again:

And repeat again and again.

Not to be outdone Ella grabbed Alex's dragon costume and put it on and insisted I take a picture of her:

I asked her to make a mean dragon face and this is what I got:

Maybe a constipated mean dragon.

To continue the role reversal theme, when Anton got home from work I left him with the kids and I took off to be alone. I got lunch at a new cafe in town that was OK. Then I headed over to the library and settled onto a couch and perused a genealogy magazine until it was the kids' nap time. Then it was safe to go home.

In other news, yesterday the kids were playing in the backyard and Ella started doing this:

She's making grass angels. That's what happens when you watch too many winter videos and you live in a place that gets no snow. So cute:

And here goes my cross-dressing son again:

This time it was the princess crown. Maybe I need to invest in some more boy specifc toys.

Here are some of the shots we got from Halloween, not so many great ones, too dark.

Alex got really into the doorbell ringing.

Here he is taking candy from our friend Emily. Ella was carrying the candy bag and he was really good about taking the candy and placing it nicely in the bag.

Anyways, that's about it for now. Take care!


Andrea said...

Too cute!! Alex looks like Ella with those ear rings on!!! Love the dragon scary look, I was terrified. Great trick or treating shots!!

Harmony said...

Love the dragon shots! Colin makes the same "mean" face.

Mo Bloggin' said...

I also loved the pictures of the dragon. The kids looked great for halloween. When I saw Ella making the mean face, I thought that she was looking a little plugged up, too. So what did you and Anton dress up as for Halloween?

becca said...

your blog is very funny. I am reading it backwards, so every comment about the scrunchy face and bounce houses really make me laugh. I have a 3 yr old named Ella. (Lucy's sister again) LOVE the constipated dragon face!