Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Air Show

On Friday Anton didn't have to work and I wanted out of the house so we headed into town to the air show. We expected it to be really crowded, but it wasn't at all and the weather was perfect.

Here's the fam chillin' and eating our Johnsonville brats, yum. The kids weren't the biggest fans of the loud airplanes. Alex cried when the first one flew over. But we found a solution:

Ella ended up with ear plugs that she wore the rest of the day and daddy plugged Alex's ears.

Alex had the best seat in the house:

I'm a firm believer that taking pictures at airshows is kindof silly because you end up with pictures like this:

Look! An airplane!

Oooh! Another one!

But this time I actually managed to get a couple good ones:

See the second plane down? His smoke ran out.

See? No more smoke. Ruined my beautiful picture. But not bad for zooming WAY in and trying to hold the camera still (no tripod). I also managed to get a video of the Blue Angels doing their thing:

They had a whole kids play area where the bounce houses and such were inly $.50, so of course we let the kids play. Are you tired of bounce house pictures yet? Ella actually chose to do an obstacle course first. She scaled a wall:

And pranced through the tunnels:

Up another big hill:

And down the slide at the end:

She is so brave. Alex wanted to play too so we let them loose in a regular bounce house for a bit.

We also wandered around looking at all the planes they had on the ground. The Delta plane was letting the kids climb into the engine:

As well as the cockpit:

When we weren't entertaining the kids they had to find ways to entertain themselves while us adults watched the planes. Ella got creative:

What a goof.

We stayed until dark because I wanted to see the fireworks show. It was also really cool to see the jets fly at night with their afterburners on. Alex was so tired at that point he just wanted to go home and sleep:

The fireworks were really cool:

And it was a really fun day, and a really long one.


Andrea said...

WOW, those pictures look like they could be in a calander!! I love the boucne house pictures!! That is like all there is to do in the south, they are at every event!! I like alex looking so tired!! Looks like it was a blast!!!

Brittney said...

Amanda - I ALWAYS ALWAYS read your awesome blog, but I'm ashamed that I never comment. Your little family does some REALLY fun stuff!! WOW. What great memories you are creating for your children.

I love your blog! And you take AWESOME photos! I LOVE airshows. My gramps was in the AF so we used to go to his base when I was little to see them. I miss that.

Damama T said...

I was just about to comment on how brave your daughter was when you said it yourself! I agree with Brittney - you are making awesome memories with them.

I'm so glad I found your blog! I followed a link here from a comment you made on another mommy blog site. So, I'm TAGGING YOU and challenging you to tell us 8 random things about yourself that nobody knows because your life and site seem very interesting and I'd love to learn more about you! Please check back on my blog for details.

If you don't want to participate, I definitely understand. But if you do decide to, please let me know so I can check out your answers. Peace and Blessings! Damama T at

Emily said...

Great pics, although it reminds me how sad I was that I missed it! Urgh. Next time, I guess. :)