Friday, November 16, 2007

Bumming Around

For those of you who think that all we do is go out and have fun, I decided I'd better post about this week to dissuade you of these notions. We actually stay home a lot. This week I have been stuck at home every single day without a car. Anton has had a class in town and had to take the car. So that leaves me with 2 antsy children and no where to go. I can only walk around our little block so many times. So I have to find ways to keep all of us sane. Usually it involves me shoving them into their rooms and then doing something I want to do.

On Tuesday I watched the entire 5 hour long version of Pride and Prejudice. You may be wondering where my children were all that time. Well to be honest, I don't know. They were roaming free. I know there was a nap in there at some time. On Wednesday I made Alex skip his morning nap so he would take a longer afternoon nap. So shortly after noon I put him down, then I turned the TV on for Ella then I went and hid in my room. I watched Sense and Sensibility on the lap top with headphones on so I couldn't hear a peep out of the kids. So neglectful of me. However, Alex slept for almost 4 hours which was really nice. And when Ella is in front of the TV she won't move for hours. It was a nice break.

Yesterday I did a bit better. I actually went walking with the intention of exercising. I made it 3 times around our .22 mile block before my feet, in my expensive new running shoes, were too sore to keep going. The guy at the shoe store says eventually I'll get used to it, but in the meantime I just get to hate wearing the shoes. (This was when I went to try and exchange them and they wouldn't let me.) So that short walk was the extent of our away from home activities.

I spend the rest of my time reading or indexing records on FamilySearch Indexing. I'm almost to a huge milestone, which I'll post about when I get there. Indexing is what I do when I feel like doing family history, but don't feel like thinking too much about it.

In family news, we still don't know what we will be doing or where we will be going once we are done here. We are still debating between re-enlisting or moving to Utah so Anton can go back to school. They both have very appealing aspects to them and we just can't decide which we want. Oh well.

I put a pair of 12 month size overalls on Alex today. The first time he bent over all the snaps between his legs busted open. I guess they are a bit too small. So instead of changing his clothes, he's just running around looking like he's wearing a dress. Poor kid. But have I mentioned before how much I love this squishy smiley face he makes?

I just love it! And I couldn't blog without a photo. So there you go. Now you know that we really do lead dull, boring lives sprinkled with occasional fun. Have a good day!


Brittney said...

That squishy face is the best!! You just inspired me to put in my 5-hour P&P. I'm not kidding. I'm getting up right now and putting it in.

Andrea said...

Oh it sounds like we lead simular lives!! How could that be? I love that verson of P&P!! My favoirte!! I go for the shorter verson these days!! Can't wait to see ya!!

Brittney said...

Hey - this is pretty random place to put this but I scrapped a LO for the CT with one of your "Fresh & Funky" templates! :) Here's the link:

Hope you like it! :)

becca said...

Hi! I am Lucy's sister. I popped over here because she said I should check out the index/extraction thingy you have been doing from home. Gotta say, I feel ya without a car. I have been doing it with 3 little ones for *gasp* 2 years! Going insane isnt really too bad once you get used to it! cute baby face. Im going to see what I can find out about your family history stuff.