Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Princess Ella

At the Medieval Fair this last weekend Ella saw the stand where they will braid your hair for only three monthly payments of $19.99!  I'm way to cheap to pay someone to do what I can in theory do myself, so I told Ella I would do her hair in braids later.  Well, I lived up to my word, and while we were watching General Conference, I braided away.

I've never been good at French braiding, and Ella has fine, wavy hair, which makes it that much harder to do, but an hour or so later, and I had success!

I got this cute idea from the Princess and Her Hair blog.  Lots of fun stuff there, but it will make you feel like a bad mom for not making your kid's hair cute everyday.

Sadly, we own no hairspray, so by the end of the day her braids were all fuzzy and flyawayie (sp?) and she needed a bath, so she only got to be a princess for half a day.  But I've promised to braid her hair for school tomorrow, just not so fancy.

UPDATE:  So doing fancy hair in the morning before school is not the best idea.  Ella was almost late, but that was partially my fault for messing up her hair and having to start over.  But it came out cute in the end.

A little French twist action.  She wouldn't let me put a flower in it to hide the tacky hair thing.  Oh well.

She's cute either way.  :)

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Amy said...

Beautiful braids. I'm very impressed - and very grateful I have all boys.