Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Goings On

Just a random catch-up post of things that don't necessarily deserve a post of their own.

The other day Alex wanted to do my hair, and was quite adamant about how he wanted it to look.

He was sure that two ponytails were not enough.

So I got three.  I had to help do the ponytail holders, but he divided it all up and told me where to put them.  He's a nut.


There's a place here in town that has a bunch of bounce houses and swingsets inside.  I had a 2 for 1 coupon so I took the kids last week when Ella didn't have school.

My camera was not cooperating, so most of my pictures ended up looking like this:

See Ella slide!

Still not good, but that's as good as I got.  But when attempting to get a cute one of the kids, they were losing their patience waiting for me to get the camera functioning right and I ended up with this:

My vampire babies are too cute!  I had to leave the red eyes just to make it more authentic.


And in light of the recent scandal with the air traffic controller falling asleep on the job, I just had to post this.

Anton went to an informational meeting for NATCA, the union for air traffic controllers.  They gave out a bunch of free stuff, including tickets for two free alcoholic drinks at the get-together.  Anton also came home with this:

Note the bottle cozy and the bottle opener key chain sitting on top of the folder with the big word "Safety."  Do you sense a theme here?  From conversations I've overheard and people I've met in the ATC world, it would seem that drinking is a major life theme for a lot of these guys.  Someone in Anton's class even asked the instructor what the legal blood alcohol limit was for coming in to work.  Now won't you feel safe next time you hop on a plane?  :)


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing about those air traffic controllers - I'll try to forget that before the next time I fly :)

Love the 3 ponytails - Doesn't it feel great to have your kids play with your hair? I try to encourage my kids to do it whenever they want - I don't care how it ends up looking in the end.

Al said...

Wow, drunk pilots, AT controllers and convertible planes! The friendly skies!