Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Medieval Fair!

We love medieval and renaissance fairs.  We found out about one this last weekend and dropped all our plans to go.  It was a pretty big one as far as these things go, but definitely not the best we've ever been to.

Our first stop was the jousting field, where the kids had horse stick races while we were waiting for the main event.  Alex decided he wanted to race.

He regretted his decision pretty quickly after volunteering, but he went through with it anyway.  He doesn't like to be the center of attention at all, so when he heard us yelling for him while he was racing, he got really embarrassed:

He cracks me up.  My sister says he's a cartoon character with all the funny faces he makes.

Our knight ended up losing the jousting after getting into a sissy fight at the end.

Plus, what kind of knight takes tips from the audience?  I've never seen that happen before.  But we took a picture with him without leaving a tip.  We're terrible.

After a little bit of wandering we went and waited in line to get some food.

Normally I love fair food, but this was not very good and seemed more expensive than usual.  $8 for a gyro?  That's insane.

Then we went and waited in line for the kids to ride....

... a camel!  They loved it.

By this point I was all tired out and had a raging headache.  All that line waiting wore me out.  So after a quick browse through the artists' stalls, and two magic wands purchased for the kids, we headed home.  I was the big party pooper.  But we're already looking at which fair we can go to next!

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