Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where have all the fishies gone?

A couple weeks ago we went to some locks near here to try and see the salmon swimming upstream. We walked through a park on the way there and they had little metal circles set in the sidewalk with a fish pointing the way to go.

The kids had more fun searching for the next circle than anything else the whole day, I think.

Another fish!!

We made the kids wait to see the fish so we could watch some boats go through the locks.

The kids thought this boat elevator was a bit too slow. but I thought it was pretty cool. Then we took a stroll over the dam.

They've had to build a special fish ladder so the salmon can swim upstream since the dam blocks the way. They have a viewing area underground where you can see the fish all swimming by.

We saw one fish. That one there. He hung out in that spot the whole time hardly moving. I'm convinced he was animatronic and put there just to entertain the tourists.

It's a good thing the kids didn't seem to care, real fish, tile artwork fish, it's all the same to them.

Afterwards we started to have a picnic, and then it started raining just a bit too much. And while I may live in Washington, I've not yet acclimated myself to doing everything in the rain, so we left. And that was our fun fish adventure!


Amy said...

Your family is always doing such fun things - I love to hear about it. And your kids are so cute and photogenic. Love the pics!

Andrea said...

HOly Cow, Alex is huge!! He is just getting so tall!!

Sounds like the kids had a good time. Good thing they like art!! :)