Monday, November 24, 2008

I made another Thomas cake.

I haven't gotten to make a cake since we moved. Anton's nephew's birthday (does that make him my nephew-in-law???) was last week, and I volunteered to make the cake. He was having a Thomas birthday. If you remember, Alex had a Thomas party for his birthday this year too. I had the hardest time coming up with a good train themed cake for Alex's party and ended up with this monstrosity:

And no matter how many people tell me it's a cool cake, I'm just not going to agree. I know what my mental image of this cake was, and it was nothing like this. So you're just going to have to nod your head and smile and say, "Yes, Amanda, it was a HORRID cake." Thank you. Let's move on.

So when my sis-in-law told me her son was having a Thomas party, I had a moment of panic. I've been through this before!! How am I ever going to make a decent cake for him!?!

And then I had a moment of what I can only call divine inspiration. Why this didn't pop in my head for Alex's birthday is beyond me. And this cake, I am very pleased with the end result. Here it is:

Now for those in the know about Thomas, I know his number is not 4. That's how old the birthday boy was. I made the cake with a sheet cake and one round. I cut the sheet cake into all the various pieces, frosted them, fondanted them, and assembled. The cake was white almond sour cream with coconut buttercream. I was going to post the pattern for the cake, which pieces to cut out and such, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. If you are interested, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

So there you go. My first Washington cake.


Andrea said...

Look at you, you are like blogging crazy, three posts in a row!!

That cake is awesome!! I love it. Lane would have loved it!! You are so awsome. Fondant and I don't get along.

Brandi said...

I'll give you that the first cake is slightly messy looking (although a million times better than anything I could pull off!), but the steam trail making the number 2 is awesome!!! Way cuter than anything I've seen on a cake in a long time.

~Brandi (Douglass, formerly in the Ft. Meade ward with you)

Emily said...

Ben is sooo into Thomas! I have to try to do this cake for him. If you get a chance to post them, I'd love a pattern (don't worry, his birthday isn't until March!)

Lisa said...

Okay, first I have to argue with you and say that the first cake is the cutest thing!! I love it! The second one is perfect too. What a cool talent.

Second- I don't know you- but after seeing your comment on Harmony's blog, I thought your picture looked familiar. I clicked over to your blog and saw you live in WA- and you also know my friend Stephanie Webb! We were stationed together in OK. So, I just had to say hi and I think it's cool we have friends in common all over the US!

Chapman Family said...

clap clap clap!! Bravo! This one is soooooooo much better than that horrid cake you made last year. I mean, people actually ATE that disgusting cake you made last year?? And you weren't embarrassed about posting the ugly picture of it??? Dang. You probably can't sense the sarcasm very well when I write... cuz I'm laying it on pretty thick! :) I want you to do a give-away!

Dream Reflections Photography said...

I would like the directions for cutting this cake out please.

Sharon Mim said...

I love both cakes. My grandson will be two and loves trains. How did you make the 2 coming out of the top of the round cake that is beautiful, even if you don't like it.


Amanda said...

Hi, Sharon! Thanks for the nice complements!! I made the 2 by forming it out of wire then sliding balls of fondant down the wire. Then I filled in the gaps with smaller balls "glued" on with water. There were wires sticking out the bottom of the 2 to make it stand up in the cake. I believe I used floral wire. Hope this helps!!