Sunday, November 23, 2008

Toffee Testing

My dad is good friends with some people who run a chocolate company. He helps them with their business from time to time. The company is getting into selling toffee online, and they needed people to be shipping and tasting guinea pigs. Not one to ever turn down chocolate in any form, I readily agreed.

The package arrived in pristine condition with the toffee inside looking super delicious.

Ella so kindly provided the artistic background.

This toffee is of the dark chocolate variety, and it didn't take long for the box to go from the above, to this:

Sinfully good, just ask my hips.

And if you want to get in on the toffee action, you now can. Their website just went live. You can even order a free sample as long as you pay the $2 for shipping. Check them out here. It's good stuff. You won't regret it. I know a few court reporters that will be getting it for a Christmas gift. They will love me forever. Though after eating a full pound box of this stuff and stepping on a scale, they may not love me so much any more. Why is it that you can eat a pound of chocolate and end up gaining 5 pounds? Life mysteries that will never be solved.


Calista said...

Oh yum!!! I just LOVE toffee! Lucky you :)

Slavka said...

Sorry- previous post was actually from me (I didn't realize my sister was still logged into her email when I started blog-stalking and commenting)

Andrea said...

Yours looks so yummy!! Mine was good too!! How cool you are getting some to give you your scopists, they will love you forever!!

Laurie Lough said...

I went out there and got my own free sample. Really good stuff! Thanks for letting us all know about it!

Hey - what part of WA are you in now? Write me @gmail, chica!