Friday, November 21, 2008

Anton's Last Race

Anton had a good time being on the school's cross country team this quarter. He wished the races were a bit longer since that what he had been training for, but he enjoyed having other people to run with.

A couple weekends ago we went to his final race, the regional finals. Since he goes to a community college, this is the highest level of race there is. It rained the whole time we were there, which made for a muddy race, but the runners didn't care. They lined up at the start, and they were off!

There he goes! They did a few loops so we were able to stand in one place and watch him come by a few times.

Ella got really good at yelling, "Good job!" and "Keep it up!" It was cute.

Go, Anton, go! While he was on the back side of the loops, I was taking pictures of the kids.

Is he cute or what!!

They were both having so much fun playing with their umbrellas.

And then while we were waiting by the finish line I was playing with my camera getting it all ready to take pictures of Anton coming in for his big finish. I happened to glance up, and there he was!!

I almost missed getting a picture of him. Oops. He improved his time yet again. Great job, babe, we're so proud of you!!


tonia said...

Good work Anton! I hate running, but more power to you bro!


Chapman Family said...

Wow! You make me tired just thinking of it all. Good job Anton! :)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I am new here. What a great blog :)

Des said...

Fun times. I love watching my husband in sports. It is nice to see him pumped and doing good. Anton seems to be doing great! That is awesome. Your children some gorgeous blue eys. Either that or you have a really good camera.

Andrea said...

Wahoooo Anton, I wish I could run like that, or have legs like that!! LOL!!

Your kidos are getting big. Today Lydia called Belle, Ella, and Lane said, "No Ella is far far away!" Sigh...

Harmony said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's exhausted watching Anton run (although I'm going to leave the leg compliments to Andrea!)

Where are you woman? I miss your blog like crazy. That picture is Ella is STUNNING! She's gorgeous!