Wednesday, November 5, 2008

October In Review

So as I continue to be a blog slacker, you are getting another catch-up post. Here are the things we have done in the end of October:

We finally finished picking the last of the apples from Anton's parents' tree.

We are set for at least the next year on all things apple.

We went with the cousins to a pumpkin patch.

After which we had a pumpkin carving party.

Anton and I are usually crazy pumpkin carvers, but this year we were big slackers and only helped the kids do theirs. Then I cooked the uncarved pumpkins and we ate one and froze the other. The kids were very particular about what they wanted their pumpkins to look like.

Circle eyes, triangle nose, and a smiley mouth. That was Ella's request.

And since that's what Ella wanted, guess what Alex wanted too? Yep, circle eyes, triangle nose and smiley mouth. We carved their names into the backs to tell them apart.

In a fit of madness I decided it would be fun to do a Halloween craft with the kids. We made egg carton bats.

Alex thought painting the paper was more fun than painting the bats.

Ella liked starting a bat but not finishing. Guess who did them all? Me. But I think they turned out pretty cute.

We hung them off the back of our car for the trunk or treat at the church.

Ella dressed up as a princess and Alex as a dragon. If it seems vaguely familiar to you, it's probably because that's what they were last year too. Though Ella did break from the norm to be a ballerina at the party we went to on Halloween. Sadly, I took no pictures.

We made sure to buy just enough candy to last while the kids did their rounds of the cars at the trunk or treat, then when they got back to the car we handed all theirs back out. Well, at least the gross stuff like suckers and laughy taffy. We kept all the chocolate.

And that's about it. We've been doing the usual working, schooling, etc. I got called to be the Enrichment Leader in the ward at church right in time to plan the December activity at the last minute. We'll see how that goes. So yeah, that's it.


David and Jacquee said...

Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun. And good idea with the egg carton bats. I'll have to remember that for next year. Hope Anton's schooling is going great. And good luck with your December activity :)

Slavka said...

hahahaha! I love your trunk-or-treat candy idea. Gonna have to try that one next year :)

Andrea said...

What cute bats. Those turned out really cute. I love how you hung them from your van. Very good idea.

I am all about re dressing for halloween. If they still fit in them then so be it!! I tried to buy Lydia's big but it wasn't.

Chapman Family said...

So October sounds frightful! I mean delightful. Love those things hanging from your trunk. Way to be.

jeNnA said...

Awesome Bats. It's from an egg carton eh? Cool.
And as far as the Christmas activity, well, that is one good thing about moving around. You can just recycle one of your favorite activities from your previous wards. ;)

Sarah said...

Hey! I know this is completely off topic, but where did you get your blog made into a book? I thought I found an on-line place, but they won't transfer info from blogger. Thanks!!