Saturday, October 6, 2007

Random Smatterings

I have all sorts of random things to blog about tonight in order to get caught up, so here goes.

Last night we had some new friends come over. Yes I know, amazing that we actually have more than one set of friends. But here they are, meet Emily and John:

We found that we have a mutual semi-obsession with the game Settlers of Catan. So we arranged a tournament, if you can call one round a tournament. We had dinner and I made a special cake just for the occasion:

I had too much fun with this.

Yes I even painted the numbers on the little circles. I had to make it authentic!

Anton was very pleased that he got to do the destruction on this one.

See the game in the background? Looks just like it doesn't it? It was a super yummy cake too. Same flavor as the baby shower one, white sour cream cake with raspberry filling. I also threw in some of the left-over lemon frosting I had from making these cupcakes for a church function last week:

Recognize the flowers?

They were left-overs from the first practice cake. The cupcakes were lemon with raspberry filling and lemon buttercream icing. I finally managed to use up all that raspberry filling with the Settlers cake.

Speaking of Settlers, Emily slaughtered us all in the game. It was quite sad. I only managed to build 1 road and a settlement. Terrible. It was really fun though.

Today we were wandering Wal-mart in order to get out of the house (you know you live in a small town when...) and we happened to see the cutest little bike that was really cheap. So what did we do? We bought it of course!

Ella loves it. Except for the part when she first got on it at home and went careening down the driveway and off the curb onto her face. That wasn't so fun. But she got right back up and got right back on her bike. What a trooper. But now she only likes to go slow and uses the brakes a lot. Anton is really excited to turn Ella into a biker. Alex is jealous. He really wanted a pink bike too. Well, any bike really. We also got Ella the final part of her Halloween costume. She chose to be Cinderella. We're still not sure what Alex will be.

I also put up a new set of templates in the store on Monday. The whole camping thing made me totally forget to post them. So here they are:

You of course are free to go to my store here and buy them up. This is my favorite set yet.

So that is my smörgåsbord (look at all those foreign letters! got to love spell check) of random bits for the day. Have a good one!


Stephanie said...

How fun you are friends with Emily and John! I love them. John is one of Andrew's best friends from the Academy. Tell them hi for us! Hey, and I was wondering if you know when the Andreasens are leaving there? And what's going on with Jed and Erin Bailey? Just wanted the latest Milton news... :) Your cake was AMAZING, again. You get better every time, if that's possible. Wish I could taste it!!

Tabitha said...

Love the cupcakes, they are beautiful. Great to check them out :)

thomsen said...

Greetings from the land of Smörgåsbord... *lol*! What a great cake and cupcakes! You are really good at it!

Harmony said...

That cake is amazing! Your cupcakes are gorgeous too--where was this in the Ft Meade ward? I would have moved into your house!

Chapman Family said...

So I'm sad that we only got to play Settlers together a few times before you left. And even sadder that you learned all this fun "cake decorating stuff" after you left. . . :) You'd be proud of me. FINALLY a few peppers are growing in my garden. It's tincy, but we are oh, so excited! A tribute to your "Gardening School."

Mo Bloggin' said...

The cake is awesome!

John and Emily said...

Thanks so much for having us over. That is probably the coolest cake I've ever seen -- and it was even delicious, too!! I'm glad we have some Settlers buddies now. :)