Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Weekly Update

OK, so I haven't been to good on updating the blog this week. I guess I feel I can't blog without pictures, and I haven't taken many pictures this week. But I'll do my best.

Last Sunday Anton felt inspired to make a cake. It was truly painful watching him try to frost it. My hands were itching to reach over and take the spatula from him and do it myself. But I resisted and he managed to do OK in the end. Here he is with his proud creation:

It was an orange cake with vanilla orange frosting. Pretty good.

That night we went to John and Emily's house and had a Scrabble competition with them and Tonia and Andre. We actually won. I don't think I've ever won Scrabble in my whole life. We perplexed them with our use of the word "MI" as in do, re, mi, fa, so, etc. It was a fun game.

On Monday we had Tonia and Andre over for dinner to help us eat the cake. The dinner was just a formality before getting tot the cake. Though it was really good. I made a recipe from the Pioneer Woman's blog. Yum. Good stuff. If you haven't heard of Pioneer Woman you need to go check out her blogs. Fun stuff.

Anton actually met with the Commodore that morning too. Finally. It lasted all of 2 minutes. He asked him a couple questions and signed his papers and sent him on his way. He has since met with a couple other people and things are moving along. His paperwork will head up the chain some time this next week and it should take a month or more to get his separation orders back. Hopefully we can get out of here by Christmas. We'll see.

Thursday there was a tornado near here. It was a little bit concerning. We don't have a basement and the only interior room we have is the pantry full of canned goods. Luckily I never had to resort to emptying it. That night we went out to dinner right where the tornado had gone through and you couldn't even tell it had been there. They cleaned it up really fast.

Friday I went to lunch with the girls, which was really nice. Not having to interrupt conversation to chase kids and so on felt so nice. We sat and chatted forever.

Today we went to 2 BBQ's. In the afternoon we went to one at Anton's cousin's house. It was fun. Then tonight we went to Tonia and Andre's. We played yard games and ate way too much food. I was a total slacker and didn't take pictures of a thing. Emily was good and took pictures of our lunch on Friday and the games tonight so you'll have to check out her blog and hope she puts up pictures.

And in order to give you fun things to look at I'll show you Alex's new skill:

He can climb up the front of the cupboard and get into the sink. this particular time was right after his bath so he was neked and brushing his teeth. What a silly boy. He makes me laugh.

He also likes to eat everything. Here he is after an afternoon "playing" with side walk chalk:

What a cutie!

So that's been life for us. Sortof the cliff notes version.


Andrea said...

Wow I would have loved to have some oragne cake!! And Alex is sooo cute. Love him playing in the sink!! And that chalk, wow, I thought it was mabye frosting or something.

Lucy said...

Separation Papers, explain this one!! Are you getting out?

J.R. said...

Oh my goodness the Cataan cake! That makes me so happy. Also I'm proud of Anton frosting his own cake. I just hand it over to Val at that point. So is Anton getting out? What am I missing?