Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Budding Photographer

With our fairly recent acquisition of a couple new digital cameras we found ourselves with an extra older camera. And what better thing to do with a camera than give it to a 3 year old? Ella loves taking pictures. There were over 200 of them when I pulled them off the chip onto the computer. She takes pictures of all sorts of silly things. For example:

Ceiling fixtures are one of her specialties. She's quite good at them.

Alex is also a central subject of her pictures.

Sometimes we get really special ones like my rumpus when I'm still in my pajamas in bed trying to sleep. Or,

Daddy peeking over the shower cutrtain while mommy is showering. (naughty daddy)

But of all the things in the world that there are to photograph, Ella has 2 absolute favorites, herself:

and her feet:

Now it doesn't really matter where or when, but the important factor of a good Ella face shot is,

the goofier the better. Silly faces are a must.

And the closer the better.

Odd angels? You bet.

And her feet? Well you better believe she gets pictures standing up,

sitting in chairs,

or at the top of the stairs,

and sometimes...

even upside down!!

She is destined to be a fabulous photographer someday. Now lets just hope she can find some new subject matter before then! She's such a doll, I love her to pieces!


Stephanie said...

That is SO cute. What a doll. I was laughing my head off at some of those. Especially the one of Anton looking over the shower. What a classic! ;)

Harmony said...

These are hysterical! Love the "Happy Holidays" butt shot and the peek-a-boo Anton. Blake's so tall he just stands there. Watch out world--Ella's coming!

Andrea said...

Those are great pictures, I love all the feet shots
The one ont the stairs is really cool and made my hands sweat!!