Saturday, October 13, 2007

Our Week

We've been doing random things here and there this week so I thought I would save them all up for one big post. I'll start back on Sunday.

There was a Conference for our church all weekend and to pass the time I usually pick up one of my unfinished crafts. This time around I worked on these:

They still need their eyes, but you get the idea. The blue one is for Alex and the pink one for Ella. I haven't decided yet if they are play toys or decorative toys. Alex picked his up and straight away put the trunk in his mouth. So we'll see.

That night we really needed to get out of the house so we hopped in the car and started driving. We love non-planned roadtrips. We ended up driving over 100 miles in a big circle around our house. We saw fires, and police cars, and a beautiful sunset. It was good to get out.

On Monday we gave into temptation and went out to dinner. We went to a little Italian place near-by since we didn't feel like driving into town to go to Olive Garden. All was going well until we ordered our triple chocolate cheesecake for dessert. I could see into the kitchen from where I was sitting, and I watched as our waitress coughed into her hand then used the very same hand to pick up the cheesecake and put it on our plate. Gross. Anton didn't care. I ate out the insides of it and let Anton eat the contaminated outside. Disgusting. Blech. We should have complained, I know.

Tuesday must have been uneventful because I can't remember a thing we did. In fact, we may even have gone out to eat on Tuesday and not Monday. My brain is mush. I can't remember.

On Wednesday I took Ella to story time in the morning and I hung out in the library working on family history stuff. It's my new obsession. Scrapbooking is on the way out, family history on the way in. I go in cycles that repeat yearly. Here I am very intently doing family history:

So fun!

Anton went mountain biking sans mountains that evening. He had tons of fun and even came back with a battle wound:

Barely brushed up against a tree, but still enough to brag about, I guess.

In order to rebel against the Navy Anton decided to not shave. He managed to get quite a beard going:

On Thursday we found out he has an appointment to meet with the Commodore on Monday. Anton shaved in celebration. Though I'm not holding my breath since he has had 2 other appointments with him and both were canceled. We'll see.

Thursday night our friends volunteered to watch the kids so we could go out on a date. Even though we had just gone out to dinner a couple days before we couldn't pass up the chance to go out. We went to a place right on the bay. It was a really nice restaurant with mediocre food. It was nice to get out though. We didn't stay out too long because we had to get home to watch the Office. We've been sucked into a TV show. It's pathetic, but funny!

Friday morning it was so nice outside we had to take the kids to the park. They hadn't gotten the chance to just run around free for a long time. Ella's new playground skill is climbing to the top of everything:

Alex got monkey lessons:

He must've learned it from Ella:

That night we switched off and watched out friends' little girl so they could go out. We just sat around and watched the kids play. Not terribly exciting.

Today we did a couple fun things. In the morning we went to a Bike Festival. It was pretty small, but something to do. We took the opportunity to go on a bike ride ourselves. It wore me right out.

Then this evening we went to a fair at a local Catholic church. They had a little carnival and booths, food, games, etc. We always let the kids pick one thing to go on. Alex really wanted to ride the big rides but we all compromised on the bounce house thing. They loved it.

Alex had a little trouble staying up, seeing as he doesn't even know how to jump yet.

Ella had the most fun purposely falling down and saying "We all fall down!"

And of course posing for pictures like always:

There was also a petting zoo where Ella got her finger bit by a donkey. She wasn't too thrilled about that. The animals wouldn't eat anything because they were so full from having being fed all day long. Oh well.

That's been our goings on. In other random news this week, Ella planted a seed in church a few weeks ago and brought it home. Now it looks like this:

And this week it grew a bean:

It's right there in the middle. Ella gets all excited to see what new things her plant has done.

She also is getting much better at writing her letters. Anton was practicing with her this week.

Her's are the green ones. You can't see them very well because they all started over lapping, but she really did pretty good. She knows all her letters by sight and can even spell some words. Smart kid.

So that's about it for now. Hopefully next week we'll have some good news from Anton's meeting and maybe some more fun activities to tell about! Have a good one!


Andrea said...

Your camera takes such great picutres!! I love the one of you being so serious!! Sounds like a fun week. And wow, what a hary beard!!! Ella is such a good writter!!

Mo Bloggin' said...

You kids are looking great! I hope that all goes well with your husband's appointment. Good luck!

Harmony said...

Where are my Amanda blogs? I love that you know the pioneer woman! I made Penne a la Betsy last week and seriously didn't want to share with my family. I was making lasagne last night--which from her pictures, my kitchen should have looked very very different! How did Anton's appointment go? Have a great weekend!