Monday, October 29, 2007


For a few days now I've been craving buffalo chicken wings. Now while a Chili's has just opened down the street, I couldn't justify the expense of eating out yet again. So with the support of my trusty foodie Pioneer Woman I set out to make my own buffalo chicken wings.

Although I live in the South, I haven't been here long enough to soak up the true art of frying. I resorted to my back-up foodie that specializes in Southern food, my sister Andrea. She walked me through the nerve racking process of trying not to burn my self while frying wings. After a little trial and error I finally got those wings frying away.

I think I fried them a little too long, but they still came out looking nicely golden brown and extra crispy (thanks to the bit about frying them too long).

Then I whipped up the simpler-than-expected buffalo concoction of cayenne pepper sauce and butter:

(Terrible photo!)

Then came the moment of truth. Would they be good enough to satisfy my craving?

Well they sure looked good, and that ranch blue cheese combo doesn't hurt one bit. And the final verdict? DELICIOUS (as Andre would say). Anton has declared I have to make them again. These were much easier to make than I expected and they were beyond good. We looked like we hadn't eaten in years the way we were slurping them down. And they weren't too hot either. Just a nice pleasant burn, but no runny noses. Yummmm. And here's the aftermath:

While it was tempting to lick the extra sauce off the plate, I resisted. And to finish it all off? Blue Bell Cookie Dough ice cream of course. I had to balance out all the spicy wingness. What a great dinner combo. And yes, that's all we had.

Craving satisfied.


Andrea said...

Those look yummy!! I will have to try them!! Did it make a lot? Should I used two bags? Did the kids eat them? I love the mess of blue cheese on the table!!

Stephanie said...

YUM. Thanks for introducing me to the Pioneer Woman. I am definitely going to have to make these. Tomorrow, probably.