Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Toad in the Hole

The other day I didn't feel like making oatmeal for the kids for breakfast again, again, again. So instead of feeding them I was chatting online with my sister. I lamented to her my woeful breakfasting situation and she suggested that I make Toad in the Hole. She gave me some quick instructions, and the kids and I headed off to the kitchen.

First you have to cut a hole in a piece of bread.

If I let the kids do this we get some nicely off-centered holes. But that's okay.

Next you need to grab yourself and egg, and make sure you have the most important element on hand, the non-stick spray.

Spray your pan, put in your bread, and crack an egg in the middle.

Let it cook for a bit, then flip it over.

This is the part that I think give it the name Toad in the Hole. The egg starts to poof up like a toad's throat. I let it cook just long enough to solidify the white but not the yolk. We all like runny yolks around here.

Then cut up, eat, and enjoy.

The kids love to eat this and ask for it all the time now. And you can always save the circle cut-outs to make little round PB&J for lunch. Round sandwiches are always a hit!


Sarah said...

I loved those when I was a kid! We called them egg in the hole. Not as creative as toad.
Now I want one. Yum.

Amy said...

My kids love them for dinner when Dad is cooking (we only ever have cold cereal for breakfast). We call them scout eyes, though.

Andrea said...

Fun fun fun!! My kids love them too!! I had never heard of them bofore!! But lane loves them!!

tonia said...

I used to have those when I was a kid too, but I'd completely forgotten about them. Thanks for reminding me!

Al said...

We called them Egyptian Eyes, and hating eggs as a kid, I just loved the toasty round leftover bread.