Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting Older

A few days ago we celebrated Anton's birthday. He couldn't decide what he wanted to do for his special day so we kindof just winged it. We left the kids with a friend and drove downtown. We wandered Pike Place Market, sampling all the foods. We got some specialty cheese to nibble on while waiting to get piroshky from a Russian bakery. Then we decided we were cold enough, so we went and got hot chocolate.

We headed back home and got the kids. Then Anton opened his presents.

We got him a light that clips on his hat for while he's running, and an iTunes gift card.

Grandma and Grandpa got him a shirt...

and a weather station.

He loved all his new stuff and played with the weather station for a long time.

For dinner we had buffalo chicken, just like last year. It was super tasty. We invited friends over for cake and ice cream later. I made Anton a coconut cake from a Paula Deen recipe. It wasn't the kind of coconut cake I had wanted to make, but it ended up really good. I made coconut because when we were dating we had coconut cake all the time.

He blew out his five candles (only 5 were real, the rest were left overs from the RS cake), and then we ate. And that's about it. Not a terribly exciting recitation of the birthday festivities, but I guess I'm not feeling the writer's spark tonight.


Andrea said...

I love cocunut cake!! YUM!! An evening with out any kids is present enough for me!!! :)

MeLinda said...

You are a cake and entertaining fool. So am I. Looks Like Anton got everything he wanted! Looks like fun. from MeLinda

tonia said...

Happy birthday Anton. I remember last year's fabulous reese's cake - yummy! So sad we missed out on this one.

I was wondering...ever since you posted that giveaway on your blog I have seen it on like everyone else in the world's blogs too. Did you make that up and has it spread that fast or did you get it from someone else? Just curious! Hope you guys are well.