Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saying Goodbye.

On Sunday night, Anton's dad passed away after a year and a half long battle with cancer. Everyone was really sad to see him go, but he had been suffering so much that it was also a relief to see him finally free of pain.

I have only known Anton's dad for 5 years, the time that we've been married, but in that time I've been able to see what kind of man he was. I asked Anton what he loved best about his dad, and he said that he was always wanting to go on some adventure. But not only did he dream about adventures, he was always planning and going on them too. He wasn't the type of man to sit idly by dreaming. He was a doer. Just in the time I've known him he has ridden his bike across the country to benefit the American Lung Association.

Ironically, while riding to raise money for lung cancer, what he didn't know was that he had lung cancer himself.

His next adventure was to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. This is something he and Anton had planned to do together. When Anton and I got married, his dad told me that I was ruining all his fun. I'd taken away his adventure partner. So instead of bemoaning it, he just went on the hike himself. Sadly, he got really sick just a couple weeks into the hike and had to come home, but he would've gone back and tried again in hearbeat.

Anton's dad was an avid listener of oldtime radio and the Paul Harvey show. He did lots of family history and was an active participant in Clan Little. He would eat waffles or pancakes for breakfast almost every day. He was a great harmonica player.

Here he is just after we caught him in the dark at Fort Casey playing his harmonica so it would echo through the empty cement bunkers.

He leaves behind his beloved wife.

She will miss him greatly. And so will his 5 children, 5 children-in-law, 6 grandchildren, and many, many more extended family and friends.

He was not afraid to live and follow his own beat, and I know he will continue to do so from up above.


Steve and Julie said...

Dearest Amanda and Anton - My heart goes out to you at this time!I never met Anton's dad, but I do know the outstanding caliber son he raised. Our prayers are with you! Julie

tonia said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. We'll be thinking of you and praying for you!

Dasha said...

What a beautiful well written tribute, Amanda. I'm sorry for you loss.

Brenda said...
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Des said...

Sorry, that was me who deleted the comment above. It was registered in my mother-in-laws name. So I fixed it. Anyway,
This is an awesome post Amanda. Not that you really wanted to write it, but it was well written. I remember meeting Anton's dad when he came to church with you at Ft. Meade after his bike race. I was SHOCKED that someone of his age had achieved such an awesome goal. I could also tell just when you introduced us how proud Anton was of his dad. That is so awesome. Now I see where Anton gets his drive to run such long, long races. It's in his blood. My thoughts are with you and your family. So sorry to hear the sad news.

love Desiray

Andrea said...

Beautifuly written. It brought tears to my eyes. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Anton. Those pictures were really nice. I liked the story of him and his harmonica!

Chapman Family said...

Hi Babe.

It's also so hard to see the sadness that your hubby has to endure. Then explaining it to your kids. I hope you are coping well. Your tribute was wonderful and probably a great asset to all those who are suffering right now. These posts always seem the hardest to write.

Jamie and Brian said...

What a beautiful tribute! I loved all of the pictures that accompanied the story because obituaries never include them and this was so much more personal and a great way to share parts of your father-in-law's life and personality. I'm glad you can all be in the area with family at this time. Our hearts are with you.

tonia said...

Anton and Amanda,

I am very sorry for your loss. We will be praying that God may pour out his love upon you.

Perry said...


I'm sorry to hear of your dad's passing and want to send my prayers and condolences. I only met him once when he rode across the U.S. He must have been a great man and example to you and many others. What an adventurer! Now I know where you got all of your drive.
Praying for you and your family.

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing about Anton's Dad. I didn't know him (though I probably met him at your reception) but he sounds like a wonderful father and grandfather. What wonderful stories and memories to pass on to your children. And great pictures - he looks so happy and fun loving. We are thinking of you during this hard time.

Randy said...

Anton, I'm sorry to hear that, I remember you telling me lots of stories about your dad's adventures.

Al said...

I have been MIA in the blogger world. I saw the post about the brother and saw the word "Funeral" so I went searched back. I am so sorry! He sounds like a great guy and probably an awesome FIL to you, Amanda. Give my condolences to Anton.