Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We went hiking the other day and I couldn't believe how cool all the trees looked.

They are all coated in thick layers of fuzzy moss. My dad kept joking before we moved out here that we better be careful not to get lost in the woods because the moss grows on all sides of the trees, not just the north. Well, he sure wasn't kidding.

In some places, branches were falling off the trees because of the weight of the moss. We all had lots of fun and the kids all found all sorts of cool stuff from snail shells to mushrooms to a woodpecker that almost pooped on our heads. Good fun!


Slavka said...

Those pictures are amazing!!

Sarah said...

Great pics! Reminds me of one winter in Missouri. There was a 1/2-1 inch coating of ice on all the tree branches. It broke tree branches, power lines, made our power go out, and made driving impossible, but it was BEAUTIFUL. Totally worth being stranded for a couple days.

Andrea said...

Oh very neat!! It looks like the woods on the movie, Twilight!! LOL!! Bird poop, not soo cool!! I wonder why the moss does that? Strange. Dad is always right.

Julene said...

Hey if you got lost then Edward might find you!! I think I would try to get lost, he he. Just kidding, it does look really pretty!