Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Packing Peanut Fun

I got my first Christmas present the other day (which deserves a post of its own) and it came in a box full of packing peanuts. Now, being the indulgent mother that I am, I gave the box to the kids and told them to have fun. I sat down at the computer and proceeded to ignore them. After a while, I looked over, and what did I behold?

A big peanutty mess. I did expect there to be a bit of a mess from them playing with them, but they had them spread into every room of the apartment.

Alex had gotten out his play mop to try and clean them up. Though I ended up sending them to their room while I cleaned it all up since they kept getting more back out after I picked them up.

And let me just tell you, leather and packing peanuts do not mix. Let's just say static electricity. To this day, every time we sit on the couch more peanuts come poofing out of it. Oh well. The kids had fun and I got a Christmas present!!


Andrea said...

Oh my!! What a mess!! But it looks like they had a lot of fun!! And it's funny that more are popping up out of the couch!!

Hadlock Hideaway said...

That is just to much fun.. I wish I could of joined in. I just got all caught up on your blog.

I love the cake.

Ouch on the big toe.

Sorry to hear about Anton's dad... I am sure that he enjoyed having you guys close by.

HandMade Goods said...

i saw this and thought of you.