Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yesterday's Secret Was Today's Surprise

In my post yesterday I made a cryptic remark about one of my activities for today. But now that it is today I can share what it was. And the secret activity for the day was this:

I couldn't share yesterday because it was for a surprise party for Emily, who reads my blog. I had too much fun making this cake. Especially these stars:

The cake was planned around the stars.

Emily's husband did a great job planning the surprise party. She had no clue. Here she is when she walked in the door:

Blurry, but you can see the expression on her face.

We sang "Happy Birthday":

And she blew out the candles:

Then we all pigged out on cake and ice cream and sat around chatting. She also opened her presents as some point:

It was nice to be out among adults and socializing. Anton left early with the kids because it was long past their bedtime, but I stayed and played.

It was great fun and great food (if I'm allowed to say that about my own cake) and great friends.

Happy Birthday Emily!!


miraDesigns said...

Wow, that's a cool cake!! And the pics made me wanting to eat something sweet.. :)

Andrea said...

nice cake!! I love those stars!! It makes me want another cake.

I love suprise parties!! Emily must have a nice husband!! I want a suprise pary! I don't think the dogs would be very good at jumping out and singing to me!!

Happy Birthday Emily!!

Jamie & Brian said...

Beautiful cake! I love all the goodies that you make.

Emily said...

Amanda, you really are the best! The cake was so amazing, and even yummier than it looked, if that's possible. I was TOTALLY surprised and had a great time -- it was perfect. Thanks for coming and bringing your kids and, of course, for the fantastic cake!!