Friday, January 25, 2008

Nothing to Blog About

Well, I have been tagged (actually quite a few times and I've pretended not to notice) and since, as my sister Andrea says, I have "nothing to blog about" I guess I'll lay out some worthless facts about me.

Two names you go by: Amanda and Mommy
Two things you are wearing right now: Jeans and shoes I've had since High School
Two of your favorite things to do: Sleep and Eat
Two things you want very badly: Perfect children and more energy
Two favorite pets you have had/have: Ted the fish and all the other fish who never made it
Two people you think will fill this out: No one, because I won't ask
Two things you ate today: Eggs and Tuna and noodles
Two people you last talked to today: Ella and Alex
Two things you’re doing tomorrow: Exercise (hopefully) and something that is a secret
Two longest car rides: Ohio to California and West Texas to Maryland
Two favorite holidays: Christmas and my birthday (that's a holiday right?)
Two favorite beverages: Water and Orange Juice (Tropicana Pure Premium with no pulp)

So there you go. Now for another little thought. Yesterday on someone's blog they talked about their greatest fear and it got me thinking as to what my greatest fear is. I had to think pretty hard, but I managed to come up with 2.

1. Tornadoes -- Everytime there is a big storm I get all nervous and start plotting where to run and hide. I've been in multiple tornadoes in my life and I think that's why I have such fear of them. I know how scary they can be. I don't think someone who has never experienced one can truly appreciate how awful they are. When I was a kid I was always torn about what to do with my bedroom door at night. In case of fire you want to have it shut. But in case of a tornado I wanted it open so I could get out of my room and down in the basement as fast as possible. So I compromised and left it open a crack, though in hindsight I realize this would have done me no good in either situation, but it helped me sleep at night.

2. Having my children kidnapped -- Now I know the first thing my dad is thinking is if I'm so afraid of this why do I post all about us on my blog. But seriously, anytime we are in public I keep one eye on each of my children. If they are ever out of my sight for even a second I will start calling their names in a crazed panic. I can't stand the thought of someone else getting to see my children grow up or, even worse, doing bad things to them. As terrible as it sounds, I would rather have my kids die then kidnapped.

Now I also have all sorts of irrational fears as well, but these I can kind of laugh at myself for. I am always convinced there is someone in my shower if I am in the bathroom in the dark. I also jump into my bed at night from a distance so that the person under my bed won't grab my ankles. I can't stand to have my blinds open at night because there is always someone looking in at me. And I could go on and on, but this will have to do on the subject of my fears.

As for our day to day lives here, well, not much has been going on. We went to a really cool restaurant in Alabama the other day. You know you've really been using up your local entertainment when you drive so far for fun. It's a southern type restaurant but they have all sorts of cool things. (I'm kicking myself for having forgotten the camera so no visuals today.) Their drinks are HUGE!! They throw roll at you from across the restaurant. I had a pork steak that tasted exactly like ribs without the bones and when I was finished the server asked if I wanted more. They'll keep feeding you until you bust. They also walk around and dish up all sorts of southern side dishes in addition to what comes with your meal. Things like black eyed peas and fried okra and such. For the rolls they serve sorghum molasses which was about the tastiest thing I've ever eaten. And for good measure we got one of their giant cinnamon rolls to take home and eat for breakfast the next day. In addition to all the food they have cool old stuff all over the walls and wooden trucks, trains and tractors for the kids to play on outside. So everyone had a great time. I wish it wasn't so far away because I would definitely be going back.

That's been the extent of our fun of late. We did buy an elliptical, but I was going to post about that separately.

So for now, adieu!


Chapman Family said...

Here's to the people who tag other people. thhh! Oh, that was me? oops. :) Glad you FINALLY got around to it. I learned that you have a secret to tell tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

hahaha! Amanda! I wondered how far the lil' chain tag would travel... but I'm glad you did it. I found out you were Andrea's sister and that I would never want to be a fish under your care. ;)

Harmony said...

You hit the nail on the head with fears of your kids being kidnapped. I glare at everyone at the park that they're involved in some white kid-based black market operation.

Oh my gosh! I'm totally afraid of the person under my bed grabbing my ankles TOO! I've missed your blogs!

We're freaks, huh? :-)

Terra said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with crazy irrational fears. Actually, I have all the same ones as you plus a lot more. Maybe there was something crazy in the water growing up.

Squatly said...

ok so ted the fish is still alive? And sorry for being lame and not getting on here forever! But, i also jump into bed, think someone is in the shower and think people are looking in my windows so many it's a genetic fear thing? So no worries, i'm quite irrational as well. :)

Andrea said...

Ha, I have the same bed frears too!! I am affraid of them grabbing my feet and my hands. All get safley tucked into and under the covers. Because the covers will save you from a scary man hiding under the bed. Yes they will. Covers are scary proof!! Love it!!