Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog Slacker

I have been informed by multiple people that I am officially a blog slacker. Well it is not as it seems. It's not so much that I haven't been writing in my blog, but that I've been writing about exactly what's been going on. Nothing. We are taking a nice long break from the life of travel and adventure. We've been doing a whole lot of nothing. I don't think I've taken a single picture since Anton's parents left. So you should all be glad I haven't been blogging or you would have been bored out of your minds.

That being said, there are a couple of things I have neglected to blog about in the last month or so, so what better time to catch up than now!

Back in the beginning of December I made a birthday cake for our friends' little girl. Her current obsession was butterflies so that is what I made.

These are absolutely terrible pictures, but I was being photo lazy that day. I think this little guy turned out really cute.

It was a white cake with coconut frosting. It was so good. The wings are just made from a round cake cut in half and then flipped around and shaped. It was pretty easy.

I also finally quit my scrapbooking job. I just wasn't too into it. But I did make one last page for them before saying tally-ho.

I will still be scrapping, just not for any website in particular. I also was scrapping like a mad woman the last couple weeks of December to make a Christmas gift for my parents. I made a book of our family tree. It turned out pretty good. I got it printed at Shutterfly. There were a few things cut off in the middle of the book, but nothing disastrous. Here are some shots of it:

The cover. I blurred the names for privacy sake, they are not like that for real.

Grandparents' spread, again on the blurring.

My great-greats.

More great-greats.

The ending page.

I won't share the rest as it is 20 pages long. I'd been meaning to make this book for quite a few years now and am glad I finally did it. I'm pleased with how it turned out. From what I hear my parents liked it too.

And last but not least, one thing we have been doing the last little while is puzzles. We go through puzzle phases, and right now we are in one. While Anton's parents were here we worked on this one:

We got it this far after hours of staring at it. The entire middle of the puzzle is a giant field of little purple flowers. We finally gave up on it and took it apart. We have done a few other ones since, but I just had to document the puzzle that never was.

So my friends, that is what you have been missing. Not much. Unless you consider Alex almost breaking my nose today something worth telling about. My face is in pain. There was no blood, but I have a new bump on my nose to add to my collection. Such fun.

Anyways. I will be back again when there is something more worth blogging about. Until then!


Emily said...

Amanda, your album is just beautiful! You did an amazing job, what a treasure..I love the cake too! Nice to see what you've been up to.

Andrea said...

Love that page of Alex, soooo cute. You got so much farther on that puzzle than I ever would have. That is crazy with all those flowers.
I love that book too. It turned out so well. Hope your nose is better and take care of those teeth.

Harmony said...

Oh great IKEA one, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I went insane for a minute. It will never happen again--you might send Alex to break my nose. You were a total blog slacker too--but that killer album makes up for it. So cool! Maybe to punish me for my blog you should make me do that puzzle (shudder)

miraDesigns said...

That album you made is awesome! What a perfect gift to give! And I noticed you used some of my stuff for it too.. ;) Ouch, hope your nose is okay..

Chapman Family said...

Um, if you are a blog slacker than I am a blog wuss! :)