Monday, July 2, 2007

Some cute videos

Didn't get around to scrapping today so I thought I would share some home videos that I forced Anton to upload today when he should have been studying. Aren't I a great wife? This first one is Ella brushing her teeth:

How cute is that?!?

Next up we have Alex showing off his new found walking skills:

He's cruisin'!

And last but not least, my favorite of ths bunch. Alex is already learning how to talk back, but it is so cute!!!

Love it!!

However, all the video uploading and editing caused a bit of a malfunction on our laptop. Something to do with the monitor drivers conflicting with the program hubbie used to view the videos. It keeps spontaneously restarting. Urgh. I think I know the solution, but am in no mood to fiddle with it now. I was hoping to get some scrapping in, but no such luck.

Tomorrow is Alex's first birthday. We decorated with red, white and blue in order to have to carry over to the fourth. His main present is a dresser I haven't ordered yet. But this is the one I like:It's got free shipping on it right now, but I'm wary of buying a dresser online. I need to be able to pull the drawers out, see what it's made of, etc. Maybe I can find one around here to look at. The poor kid really needs on though. His clothes are all in piles on his floor right now. I should just get a whole set and be good forever. We'll see.

Anyways, after those videos you must be worn out from laughing, so I'll end this post. Hope you enjoyed!


Anne C said...

Cute videos!! TFS

miraDesigns said...

Oh, those videos are so sweet!! Looks like Alex's got a lot of energy going around the house. And as a future dental hygienist it's good to see Ella likes brushing her teeth so much.. ;)