Sunday, July 8, 2007

The promised photos.

I finally got all the photos off my camera. So here are my 4th of July photos. I didn't edit any of them, as I didn't feel like it. So just edit them in your head to make them look nice.

The kids in their festive outfits.

Sparkler fun.

More sparkler fun.

Alex was really concerned about the fireworks we set off.

Ella and I sparkling.

And here is Alex getting his hair cut. He doesn't look happy, but most of the time he was actually laughing. I realized I never got a good after shot of the hair cut so I'll have to make sure to get one tomorrow!

I finished up a bunch more of my vacation LO's. I've finished all the ones I really wanted to do, and now I'm just debating a couple that I might do. I need to proofread them all and then it'll be off to the printer! I'm so excited to be done with it and see it printed out. So that's all I have for today. Have a good one!


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Ooh, love that picture of Ella with the sparkler! And Alex is looking like a big boy with short hair.. :)