Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I did some scrappin' today.

So I sit down to start scrapping, and it starts thunder storming. Now I'm really wanting to get a page done so I start scrapping like a mad woman. The thunder and lightning keeps getting worse and I keep hitting save after every change I make. It's a race to see who can win. Will I finish my page before the power goes out? Phew. I finish, and so does the storm. No power outages today. Just a really fun page:

You can leave me some love here if you are so inclined. I used a bunch of Minna's stuff for this one. I dreamed it up in my sleep last night. Sometimes when I'm stumped about what to do with a kit, I'll look at it right before going to bed. Then as I'm laying there falling asleep I dream up my page. I've gotten more page ideas this way than any other. Though sometimes it's hard to make the vision a reality.

Alex has been really cranky for his birthday thus far. I made him a #1 cake. We haven't had any festivities yet so no pictures to share. I'll do that tomorrow. Have a great day all!!

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miraDesigns said...

Hey, that's a great idea to look at the kit before going to sleep! I'll have to start doing that too. And maybe if I flip through my inspiration notebook instead I'll dream of new kits.. ;) Hope you have a nice b-day party for Alex and a great 4th of July too!