Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I think losing teeth is one of the grossest things ever, but Ella gets really excited.  She's one of the younger ones in her class so is also one of the last to lose her teeth.  But Top Tooth #1 has fallen out and left a nasty tooth shaped hole in its place.  Top Tooth #2 is already loose.  Soon Ella won't be able to eat a thing.  You can also see where she lost her bottom teeth and the new ones have had to grow in behind the baby ones and almost next to each other because her mouth is soooo small.  I'm predicting large orthodontic bills in my future!


MeLinda said...

I hear you. Isabelle has lost her 2bottom teeth and the top 2 are lose. She's looking forward to a big Tooth Fairy pay out. I love it that she's so excited. I get a little freaked out by wiggling teeth and "Look Mom, see how it moves." LOL

Julene said...

I agree, losing teeth is yucky. All first and second graders go from really cute kids to jack-0-lanterns. It's like akward junior high but they don't care. Tell Ella congrats! And I hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget to stop by like she does at our house :D