Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Boredom Musings

I've gone and done it again.  This is going to become a very bad thing for my already bulging waistline.  But it sure is tasty.

Our house rental comes with DirecTV, which is a very good babysitter.  However, after hours of Disney Junior and Nick Jr., I've decided that all these kid shows are detrimental to my healthy relationship with my children.  All the mom's in those shows are perfect.  They never lose their tempers.  They talk calmly and sweetly.  No matter what bad things their kids do, they always know the perfect thing to say to make their kids eternally sorry and never do it again.  My kids are going to come to expect this level of perfection from me, and they're just not going to get it.  But since the alternative is turning off the shows and actually having to deal with my kids and proving to them how bad of a mother I am, I think I'll just let them rot their brains in the fantasy worlds of perfect, happy families.  Thank you DirecTV.

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