Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So part of why I wasn't blogging is because I got to the point where I felt I was taking pictures of things solely to blog about them. I was experiencing family activities through the camera. I was writing blog entries in my head as events were happening, picking out the things that would be funniest to tell about. I was so engrossed in coming up with the next blog post that I was often a bit detached from the actual events going on. I felt I needed to get out from behind the camera and actually start participating. So without pictures, there didn't seem like much to blog about. Then when I did feel like blogging it was usually to rant about someone or something, and who wants to read a blog full of wild ranting?

So that leaves me with my conundrum. I'm trying to figure out what direction I want this blog to go. A place for random musings? A place for daily activity regurgitation? A place to vent to the world? Who knows. It started as a place to show off my creative efforts, but there hasn't been too much creativity of late. And maybe it should be a place for all of the above. After all, it's my blog and I can do what I want, right? So hopefully now that Anton is finally working a regular job (hooray! even if is it just a temporary internship) I will have more time to blog. We'll see how it goes.


David Kleparek said...

It's okay, Amanda. I like blogs because they help me keep in touch with what family and friends are up to. If you just blog every once in a while to say what you guys are up to, I'd be perfectly happy with that.

I use my blog as a way of feeling closer to those family and friends that live far away.

Julene said...

You can write what ever you want. Who says that it has to be a certain way. Sometimes you over think things. So what if you were taking pics just for the blog? It is a form of journaling. HTH

Amy said...

I love it all - the pictures, the rantings, the journalings, the creativity. I like to know what you are doing - all the fun activities and you take amazing pictures! I also like the rantings - it reminds me that I am not the only one that gets frustrated with life sometimes.

Al said...

I know the feeling though!!! When we were in Maui, I was trailing behind with the camera while Mark was getting down and dirty with nature. Plus, I manned the camera and he had all three kids--not really an even split according to him!