Thursday, January 15, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Before Christmas I found the coolest Intructable about how to make super fancy snowflakes. So being one for a challenge, I gave them a try. I asked Alex what kind of a snowflake he wanted, and he said a snowman. So Snowflake#1, The Snowman:

Not bad for the first attempt.

Next I made one for Ella. The Hearts:

And see her name in there? Pretty cool, huh?

Then I asked the kids what I should put in daddy's snowflake. Ella voted for stars and Alex for a runner. So here is daddy's Homestar Runner snowflake:

It's not really Homestar Runner, and if you know who Homestar Runner is without clicking the link above, you've earned some extra points in my book. But I couldn't resist the runner/star connection. Anyways....

Later I was showing the in-laws how to make snowflakes and I made another one for Alex:

This one was tricksy. Trains and names. Phew!

I also made a bunch of snowflakes as the gift tags for my sister's family's gifts, but somehow I never got photos of them. They had guitars and princesses and hearts and Christmas trees and 2008's. So I've had fun making these and plan on doing them again next year. They're really not that hard, so bookmark that Instructable and give it a shot next year!


Andrea said...

Snow flakes aren't too late. It's still snowing all over the the place. And I love them!! You are so talented!! And I love Alex's name with the trains, way cool!!

Jamie and Brian said...

Awesome! These snowflakes are cool. Oh and I totally know who Homestar Runner is thanks to a laid back college professor who started most lecture sessions with a little e-mail clip. Now I check in on the site every now and then just to get a good laugh.

Harmony said...

Those snowflakes are amazing! I thought they were the stock photos from the website until I looked closer! Insane!

Good for you--I'll pass the link onto Blake!

Sarah said...

I love Homestar Runner! So bizarre, so funny. I have to go watch some now. Those snowflakes are amazing! I especially love the last one with the smoke coming up from the train. Very cool.

Chapman Family said...

Oh brother. Is there anything you can't do? Now she does snowflakes!! Digital scrapbooking, gardening, cakes, and now super awesome snowflakes. What's next?

Linds said...

These are awesome, I'd never even thought of customizing paper snowflakes!