Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What We Did While in Utah

Since I am a slacker blogger and blogging on dial-up internet is agonizing, you will be getting our Utah visit in list form. I figure it's better than nothing. So here goes, all the things we did while visiting Utah in no particular order:

1. Ate at Cafe Rio 3 times.
2. Visited with LOTS of family and friends. We were seeing people almost every day.
3. Went to the zoo.
4. Went swimming.
5. Ate at Bajio, Rumbi, Rubio's, Cheesecake Factory, Red Robin, The Dodo, Zupas, Gandolfo's, Cold Stone, Yoasis, Pie Pizzeria, Hard Rock Cafe, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and more.
6. Went to the aquarium.
7. Went rock climbing. Ella was like a little monkey scaling up and down the walls.

She was a natural.

Look how high up she is!!

Alex wasn't a big fan. That's as high as he went.

8. Went to Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

We got tons of good pictures that day.

My kids are so cute!!

9. Anton ran up and down a few mountains, including Timp.
10. Made a cake for my sister's birthday.

Not the best picture, and not the best decorated cake. But let me tell you, it tasted fabulous! Lemon chiffon cake with lemon mousse and raspberries. Yum.

11. Raided my mother's garden and ate all her vegetables, except for the toxic zucchini.
12. Learned how to make sushi with my sister and her hubby.
13. Got family pictures taken.
14. Got a crown put on my tooth.
15. Made up a will in case this move finally kills me.
16. Took a lesson on how to play the organ.
17. Had anniversary plans all made then had to cancel them because we all got sick.
18. Got a horrendous cold.
19. Went to the chiropractor and feel fabulously better.
20. Went to IKEA.

Things I didn't get to do that I wanted to:
1. Get to see even more friends. We just ran out of time.
2. Go to the state fair.
3. Go to the kite festival.
4. Ice skating at the Olympic oval.

And as you can see, I was a terrible photographer throughout most of this. No pictures for most everything. Oh well. We had fun, lots of fun. For those of you we got to see, we loved getting to see you. For those of you we didn't get to see, we hope to be back around Christmas! Just a few more days of travelling and sightseeing and we may finally make it to Washington. Hooray!


The Bays said...

Go Ella! I wish Lana would try something like that, I doubt she'd even put the harness on. Can't wait to hear more of your trek!

Dasha said...

Sounds like you guys are having too much fun!! Where did you go rock wall climbing? Look forward to reading about the rest of your adventures!

Cassie and Dave said...

I LOVE Cafe Rio! That is the single most important stop for us whenever we visit there too!

Chapman Family said...

Only 3 times at Cafe Rio?? I am sorely disappointed since it will be YEARS before I have a mackerel of that delicious goodness. Oh, and glad you had a great trip doing tons of other stuff. :)

Andrea said...

I can't wait until you have high speed internet again! And wow ella is a monkey!! She is brave.

Harmony said...

Today was your deadline before I sent you a whiny "Staaaart posting aaagain!" email to set you straight.

Ella is a superhero. That's higher than I've ever gone and I dated a climber. Were you hyperventaling? Do you know how I can correctly spell hyperventaling? Wow!

P.S. 3 times at Cafe Rio? I think Monique may send a Hungarian hit man after you.