Friday, September 26, 2008

Still Alive

I've fought my way through the boxes to let you all know we are still alive in here. Sadly the number of boxes doesn't seem to be decreasing. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that we haven't unpacked any for a few days now. Once we got the essentials unpacked we kind of gave up. I'm sure by the time we move again in a year there will still be things we never unpacked. I do have pictures of the chaos around here, but I don't feel like getting the camera right now so you'll just have to wait for those.

Tonight we went to a Mariners game. We've always tried to see them whenever they were playing an away game near wherever we lived, but this was the first time we got to see them on their home field. Anton is a HUGE fan. He has the kids trained in chanting "Ichiro!" and "Foul Ball!" and other such baseball themed things. The game was fun, even though they lost. But that was expected. This was their 101st loss.

I got myself some garlic fries that were smothered with what appeared to be an entire jar of minced garlic. My breath is so beyond nasty right now. But they were tasty. I go to baseball games for the food. There is just something about paying $6 for a hot dog that makes it taste extra good.

Anton has started school. One of his classes is a repeat of one he already took because they applied his credit to a different class. So far things don't seem to bad. He's also hooked up with the cross country team. His claim to fame is being older than everyone, including the coach. He's having fun with it, though, and it gets him a bit of scholarship money, which I think is fabulous.

So that is our goings on at the moment. I will try and keep you all updated more often, but usually if I'm in front of the computer I'm working and don't feel like sitting in front of it longer to blog. So you're going to have to take what you can get!


Chapman Family said...

Ug. I feel your pain! We are a little farther along more because the movers unpacked everything for us and even put them on shelves and stuff, so now we are just organizing them. Blah, but still grateful for that extra boost of not having to go through boxes. It's amazing what you can live without, huh? I do want some Cafe Rio, though. :( as usual. :)

Andrea said...

Who needs to upack when you are just going to bemoving in one year. No sense in it, right? I am glad you still are alive. I can't wait to see pictures. And how exciting that Anton is on the CC team. Can't wait to see pictures!!

Harmony said...

Oooooooh, GARLIC FRIES! I miss those! When we lived in Seattle and would go to the games, I would just walk past the fries stand and be gone! I'm getting bad breath just thinking about it.

I'm feeling you on the boxes. The first two months were nothing but unpacking. Where did all that stinking stuff come from? :-)

David and Jacquee said...

Good to hear that you are still alive and kickin. Oh and I wouldn't worry about having boxes unpacked by the time you move again. It will just be less work for you :)