Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Impressions

So here's what I think of Washington so far.

1. What's the point of getting all geared up for rain when it hasn't rained once since we got here? There hasn't been a cloud in the sky. Not a single one. How am I supposed to whine and gripe about all the greyness and rain when there is none?!? It's not fair.

2. What's the point of driving over 5000 miles away from Florida only to sit down in Sunday School at church and have the girl in front of me turn around and say, "Hey, I know you from Florida!" Can we never get away from that swampy god-forsaken place? Thankfully she was nice and only knew me from visiting a friend down there.

3. It's not fair that all the housing around a really cheap community college costs a zillion times more than tuition. Shouldn't these things be proportionate? Argh.

4. A hotel should not be able to call a room a suite that is just one big room with a counter dividing the living space from the sleeping space. I was all geared up to finally have the kids sleeping in a separate room, but no. A little false advertising and my hopes were dashed. Humph.

5. The people I've met thus far are really nice. Everyone at church today (even though it doesn't look like it is going to be our ward) was really friendly. It all reminded me of my ward in Ohio where I grew up. It was so weird to see middle aged people with teenagers at church. I haven't been in a demographically diverse ward since I lived with my family. Since then it's either been singles wards or military wards.

6. It took me a while to figure out what looked slightly strange about all the guys around here. Then I realized what it was. They all have hair! I'm so used to military haircuts that it's weird to see guys with a full head of hair. I have to admit, I think it looks a little sloppy. It'll take some getting used to.

So those are my musings for tonight. Hopefully we'll be on our way to having a place to live tomorrow. I'm so over hotels.


Life as a Greenstreet said...

Hey Amanda, so glad you arrived safely. Hopefully you find a place to live...soon! Maybe it's not the "wet season." I have no idea about those...I'm from Arizona. How are the kids handling all the travels?? You guys have been so busy. Good luck!

Andrea said...

Oh happy house hunting. I wouldn't think rent would too bad up there. I am glad it hasn't been too rainy. I hate the rain. I think I would take humidity and heat over rain. Take pictures of your house hunting!! :)

The Bays said...

WooHooo, you made it! I'm glad you survived and I've got to tell you how JEALOUS I am that you are out west. Your Lake Tahoe picture did me in, and now I can't stop thinking about the west! Enjoy it for me, please!

Sarah said...

Glad you survived the trip! I think driving cross country would've done me in (either that or I would have killed the kids at some point). I bet you're glad to be somewhat settled anyway. Good luck house hunting!

Al said...

Back to real life for you! Glad you all made it in one piece and what a bunch of fun things you did along the way. Maybe your next trip will take you through AZ, I wanna be "a college roommate" you visited along the way.

Harmony said...

Where are you in WA? Or did you already say that? We lived in Seattle and every. stinkin. time. anyone came to visit the heavens would part and it wouldn't rain ONCE! People seriously thought I was making it up.

Trust me. The rain is on it's way. But I loved it because then I got to stay home and make cookies. And that's how I gained 20 lbs in Washington. The end.