Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We figured it out!

See this cute little girl?

Well, for the longest time we thought she was a very obstinate, headstrong, stubborn child. She doesn't listen to a word we say. She ignores us and pretends like we haven't even spoken. It drives us CRAZY, to say the least.

So yesterday I took her to the doctor. And you know what? She has hearing problems. The doctor didn't expound upon exactly how deaf she is, but enough that we're getting referred to an ENT. It may just be something as simple as getting tubes in her ears. Who knows. But at least now we know she's not ignoring us on purpose. She really doesn't hear us. Though it will probably still drive me nuts.


tonia said...

I'm glad you were able to get at least something figured out. Good luck at the ENT specialist.

Andrea said...

Well, I hope they get her hearing better! I know it frustrated me not to be able to see, I could only imagine how it would be not to be able to hear! Good luck at the ENT!!

J.R. said...

I think all of my children must ahve the same problem. I'll check it out. By the way, I love your teeth. Thanks for the pics.

Lucy said...

Moms everywhere are calling doctors because of this post! Keep us updated! :)

BTY, we're doing the same thing, we have TONS of Dr.'s appts! :)

Harmony said...

That's great that you figured that out--can you imagine if she started school with hearing problems? Poor little lady!

(wait, I think Blake might have the same problem. Obstinate, doesn't listen--yep, all the symptoms) :-)

Chapman Family said...

I wish I could blame mine on hearing problems. I'm so glad they diagnosed it this early.