Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stimulating the Economy

I have been ordered by my Commander in Chief to stimulate the economy. Not one to disobey an order that is followed with a check, I felt it my patriotic duty to obey. So today, I spent a lot of money. Wanna see what I got? Okay, cool. Shall we start with the least expensive and move on up? Sounds good.

Here we have a New Zealand guide book. Since the Navy keeps putting off letting us out of the military we figure we may actually be able to go to Anton's brother's wedding in New Zealand in November. And if we're already going to be in New Zealand for a wedding, you better believe I'll be spending a couple of weeks traveling around, without kids. So of course we need a guide book to tell us all the cool places to go to.

Next up we have:

A Nikon 50mm f1.8 camera lens. I've been wanting one of these for a long time so I can take photos in low lighting situations as well as those great blurry, depth-of-field type shots. I did have my eye on a much more expensive one that would autofocus on my camera, but I decided to give the much less expensive manual focus one a shot. Plus if I ever upgrade my camera it'll focus just fine.

And last but so not least:

The Sigma 18-200mm with optical stabilizing. I really wanted to get the Nikon branded version of this lens, but with a savings of a couple hundred dollars, we figured we'd give the generic a shot. Since we are fairly casual photographers, I don't think we'll notice. This is the lens that will stay on our camera most of the time. It's got all the zoom we could possibly want with optical stabilizing to keep our shots from being blurry.

I am sooooooo excited to get these. I actually thought that maybe I should have ordered them a week apart to give myself time to play with each of them. So be looking to see A LOT more photos from me in the near future. And you can all thank me later for helping stimulate the economy.


Andrea said...

Oh yeah, I just love shopping! What fun purchases. So, do I get the kids when you go away? Yeah? They will be all dirty with bad accents by the time you get back!! LOL!! I would love to go with you. Do you think you could replace anton with me? No? man!!
Can't wait for you to get that new lens!!!

Harmony said...

Wowhoo! I'm already excited to see the pictures that come from these!

When I saw the NZ book, I thought you had already booked tickets. We're planning on going sometime soon--I'm so excited! Blake played rugby and wants to see the All Blacks.

Congrats on the economic stimulation!

marianne said...

I am still waiting to be stimulated. I think we've already spent ours though. We landscaped our backyard and we are taking dance lessons. Too bad you aren't here with your nifty new lenses to take pictures of us in our new yard.

Victoria said...

Those lenses sound so cool! I am a huge fan of the blurry depth of field shots. I am not a great photographer, but one day I got one I really liked by borrowing my BIL's Nikon D40 and took the shot by accident. Still counts as a good pic, though! :) Great "stimulating" choices!