Saturday, April 19, 2008

Water Fun

I was up to my neck in kids the other day, so Anton was kind enough to take the kids out back and entertain them. They ended up playing with water. Of course it wasn't planned, so everyone was out there in their clothes. Or lack thereof towards the end.

What a bunch of silly heads. They were having the most fun with the hose.

Anton was trying to catch the water while Alex whipped it around.

Alex thought it was really fun.

And you can't play with the hose without getting a nice refreshing drink from it.

I wonder where he learned that from?

Ella really enjoyed spraying Alex with the hose.

He didn't like it so much. But he got over it quickly.

But I think the one who enjoyed it all the most was Anton.

He's just another one of the kids.


Brittney said...

What a fun daddy! You and your kids are lucky to have a fun dad!

Jamie & Brian said...

So fun! We played in the water this weekend too, only it was rain. We tried to walk the dog and had to run home to beat a downpour and Brian had to fjord rivers of rain water to get home from work over the weekend and ended up drenched.

Andrea said...

LOL!! I think you may have three kids!! LOL!! Looks like they all had fun. At least Alex was not thirsty!! Cute pictures!!

Amy said...

My kids sure wish that it was warm enough to do that here. We got snow last week and it's a little warmer this week. Today, the morning temp was 29 and Zach was asking if he could wear shorts to school!

Squatly said...

how nice is it to be able to play in the hose? It must be warm there! no like 50 here, but it's warmer then 30, oh wait it's 30 right now. . Very cute pictures!

tonia said...

Looks like your kids (including the big one you're married to) all had fun! I am loving the weather right now. Now is the time to be in Florida!

I just found your comment on my blog. I just started it a couple of months ago at the request of my sister and sister in-law. I'm just wondering how you found it (not that I was hiding it, I'm just curious - can you search for people on blogger?)

Anyway, it wasn't your Alex that I was referring to on my post - it's my niece so don't worry...

Lucy said...

So flipping cute! :)