Saturday, February 2, 2008

Who needs the Girl Scouts?

It's Girl Scout Cookie season. In case you hadn't noticed. I actually haven't had the opportunity yet this year to buy any, but when I ran across someone's blog that talked about Samoa's I knew I had to have some. I wouldn't let not knowing a single Girl Scout deter me from achieving what I sought. So I hunted down a recipe for homemade Samoa's and I was on my way. They actually weren't too hard to make, there were just a lot of steps. You have to make the cookie, then mix up a batch of carmel and coconut, then spread that onto the cookies. Then melt yourself some chocolate and somehow manage to get it on the bottom of the cookie (I used my finger) and drizzle some across the top to make them look pretty. I made a HUGE mess in my kitchen which Anton so kindly cleaned up for me (he didn't have a choice) and I was left to eat a whole lot of these:

Don't they look fabulous? Now I don't think they taste quite like the mass produced so not good for you version that comes in the little purple box, but they do taste good. Who can resist something that looks so divine:

Plus the longer they sit the softer it all gets and everything melds together. I think I ate half the batch the day after making them. Shame on me.

So long story short, if you have spare time and a hankering for GS Cookies you might try this route. However, with my now perfect hindsight, I might say hunting down a Girl Scout would have been easier.


Andrea said...

Girl Scouts are harder to find these days. I too do not know of a single one. They don't go selling door to door anymore. If I get lucky they will set up a table at Wal-mart or something. Those look delicious. I am jealous.

Emily said...

Wow -- YUM!!! If you need help eating them . . . :) I think I'll try them one of these days. They look fantastic. And your picture-taking skills are always amazing.

Terra said...

Impressive... I was lazy and just had my husband keep hie ears open at work for someone selling some. It worked!

Victoria said...

Girl Scouts are going to start knocking on your door and asking for Samoas! YUMMY stuff! The look so sumptious!
The new hair cut and color turned out really great! I have had such a great time catching up on your busy and creative family. The cakes are always spectacular!

The bra story is a hoot! My 10 year-old daughter is mortified about growing up and asked if she could just be like Peter Pan. I felt so sorry for her.

Shannon Hale has such a quick wit and distinct writing style that I thoroughly enjoy. I'm glad to hear you like her too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

marianne said...

Those look SO good. Where did you get the recipe? I think I might need to try them. I think I'd eat them all!