Thursday, February 21, 2008

Help me name my business!

So it does no good to be in the scoping business if my business doesn't have a name! But I can't think of anything good. I need your help! I was going to make it a contest, but I have nothing cool to give away. So you're just going to have to do this out of the kindness of your hearts and your desire to help me.

So here we go. I want the name to reflect the qualities that court reporters look for when hiring a scopist; namely, accuracy, excellent knowledge of grammar and punctuation, attention to detail, quick turn-around, etc. (How was that for a nicely punctuated, fancy grammatical sentence?) However, there are already a lot of businesses out there with names like: Precision Scoping, Professional Scoping Services, and so on. All the names sound the same. I want my name to stand out from the crowd. I don't want it to have my name in it. Who would want my mouth-full of a name in any business title? So do you think you guys can help me out? Think memorable yet professional. I'm pulling a blank. I've been studying too much punctuation. It flows out of my ears. If you don't know what a scopist is you can read about it in my last post. And if any of you know of a court reporter looking for some help feel free to send them my way! Thanks!


Harmony said...

So I thought I was SO SO clever with "Reporter Supporter" or "Court Reporter Supporter"(kind of nerdy, but catchy!) but then I Googled it and there ALREADY is one!

Now you know that's all I'm going to think about tonight!

Wait? There's NO prize? Well, I'll take bragging rights.

Victoria said...

The only things I could come up with is: "An eye For Accuracy", or "Looking Out For You". Best of luck with your business! :)

Andrea said...

hmmmmm.....This is hard. Here are my cheesey thoughts.
"Done Right Scoping Services"
"Beehive Scoping Services"
"Classic Scoping Services"
"Linguistics Logistics Scoping Services"

That is all i can think of for right now and I know those are horrible. So, just laugh at me and continue on!! :) Where is laura when you need her? She would be good at this.

Lucy said...

I've got a slogan... Stop Scoping for a Scoper... LOL Good luck!!

Darryl Tay said...

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