Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 4 - Flying to the Big Island, Waterfall, Observatory

What a difference an island makes!  We started our day out in Waikiki again for breakfast and a last stroll along the beach.  Then we headed to the airport for our flight to the Big Island of Hawaii.  This island is so different from Oahu.  I felt so much calmer and happier on the Big Island.  More space, less people.  And the landscape there is incredibly varied.  We flew into a lava desert, drove through cattle ranch country, and then a jungle before getting to our hotel for the night.  And along the way we explored a lava tube cave, looked out over a beautiful valley, and saw a bamboo forest on a short hike to a waterfall!  We ended our day by driving up to the observatory on Mauna Kae to see the stars how they're meant to be seen.  They had a bunch of telescopes set up and we got to see nebula, galaxies, and Saturn's rings.  It was amazing!