Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Going to Disneyland

(Okay, so we already went to Disneyland, but I couldn't resist the line.)

Against all rational thinking and timing and money in the bank, somehow we convinced ourselves that we needed to go to Disneyland this last weekend.  So we did.  I guess we could call it a celebration of finally being able to move on with our lives, but whatever excuse we use, it was just plain fun.

We left on Thursday right after Ella got out of school and drove down to my grandma's house in SoCal.  We got in late and were pooped!  But that didn't stop us from getting up bright and early and heading out.

Everyone knows how Disney is, so there's no need for a running commentary, and we took lots of nonsense pictures, so I'll spare you the full brunt of them, but here are my favorites in no particular order with pertinent commentary.  Enjoy!

The necessary castle picture.  I forget how small it is in real life, but I like that you can go inside of it unlike the one at DW.

We rode lots of rides.  Some were immensely enjoyed.

Some were nice breaks.

  And some were a mite terrifying to the young ones.  

(I love Alex's face there!)  As a side note, both kids proclaimed their dislike of Space Mountain after riding it, but the next day, all Alex could talk about was riding it again.  He's an adrenaline junkie!

We saw princess...

... after princess ...

... after princess ...

... after princess ...

... after character ...

 ... after character.

Phew!!  One of the longest lines we waited in was for Rapunzel, and then the actress was totally out of character and kind of rushed us through the room right after a couple of employees cut in line in front of us just to say hi to their buddy was was playing the princess.  Thankfully that was our only negative experience on the trip.

At the start of day two at California Adventure, my feet already hurt.  By the end of the day I would have a blister on the bottom of one.  Ouch!

Ella really wanted to have a picture of herself alone in front of the Ariel's Grotto restaurant (which we didn't eat at with its extortion-like prices) and she was determined to get Alex out of the way.  We have three very classic pictures of them pushing and shoving each other while we stood to the side laughing and snapping pictures.  Aren't we great parents?

There was some really cool TRON stuff as part of the night scene at CA.  They had a whole arcade called Flynn's full of '80s arcade games.  It was pretty cool.

My favorite parts were getting to eat at the Blue Bayou (the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride) and getting to eat their famous Monte Cristo sandwhich (which was different than the last time I ate it, not sure if I'm a fan of the new one) and the World of Color show at CA.  Least favorite parts, the aforementioned blister and the leakage of leftover jambalaya all over the backpack.  In case you were wondering, apples do not taste good with an essence of jambalaya on them.

It was a super fun, spontaneous vacation!

And now in two weeks we get to join the real world of people with full-time jobs and responsibilites.  It's been kind of fun to be a bit irresponsible for the last year or so, but I'm ready to move on!


Jamie said...

Looks like so much fun!! I want to go! Good luck in your move and rejoining the "real world".

Amy said...

What a spontaneous life you lead! I can't imagine being able to do a last minute vacation like that. We are hoping to plan a trip to Disneyland in December and I'm already starting to think about and get books from the library. I am definitely a planner.