Friday, December 18, 2009

Magic or Technology?

So I'm a bit of a sci-fi fan, and I enjoy a bit of fantasy on the side here and there as well. One day in a random moment of day dreaming I began to wonder, would I rather live in a world of super advanced technology with space travel, seeing other worlds, and all that cool stuff? Or would I rather live in a Harry Potter-esque world with magic?

I picked technology hands down. I've dreamed about going to space since I was a kid. Anton chose magic because he could magic up anything that technology could do otherwise.

So what about you? Magic or technology, what will it be?


MeLinda said...

In our house its all about the technology. Kids don't talk or see others yet they all have scads of text friends. No one has to leave their home to shop yet we all have any item we can order online. Music or information is available anywhere we are thanks to Ipods and MP3. I hardly open a cook book because I can find the recipe faster online. And if I want a child to disappear I merely get out the DS and they are magically not there. Magic is fine, but I don't have any spells to remember or strange herbs for potions to gather. Really technology is for me, clean, neat and all I need is a power source.

Terra said...

I've never really been into the whole "mystical world" type stuff so I'd have to say technology hands down for me.

Andrea said...

UHM......I think technology, magic can be scary because people could do scary things. Everyone would be magical. But with technology, not everyone can use it!! so, i don't know. I guess technology.