Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I've long since given up on sending out Christmas cards. There's too much going on in the beginning of December to add that to my list. So this year we're sending New Year's cards. And since I'm far too cheap to send one to everyone who reads my blog, you all get to look at it here. Think of it as saving the environment, all that paper, etc. So here you go, the family photo card and obligatory yearly summary (last name has been changed to protect the innocent):

This year was full of fun, adventure, and change for our family.

Anton graduated with a degree in Air Traffic Control. He completed an internship with the FAA and is currently in the process of being hired by them permanently. He continues to run and do anything outdoors he possibly can.

Amanda still works from home editing court transcripts. She continues to work on decorating cakes and tries any other crafty thing that strikes her fancy. When she’s not working or crafting, you will probably find her buried in a book.

Ella turned five this year and started kindergarten. She loves school. She also took gymnastics and ballet, which she greatly enjoyed, but declares gymnastics her favorite. She’s into all typical girly things: Barbies, dolls, playing house, etc.

Alex has done nothing but grow this year. He went from a two-year-old baby in diapers to a three-year-old big boy practically overnight. If he doesn’t slow down he’s going to be a teenager in no time at all. He is into all things boy, from trains to Legos and more.

As a family we moved yet again this year from Washington to Utah. This was to save on rent until a training slot opens for Anton with the FAA. What was meant to be a temporary thing looks like it’s going to last well over a year.

We hope this coming year will bring all sorts of excitement. Hopefully, Anton will start his job which will take us to Oklahoma for a few months before finally going back to Washington. Ella will start first grade and Alex will start preschool. Amanda just hopes to keep everything as normal as possible while all this is going on. Who knows what other adventures await us!

We hope your year is equally fun!

Anton, Amanda, Ella, and Alex


Steve and Julie said...

I love it - great idea. Way to go green. A lot of change for you guys this past year :)! Hang in there girly - love you all!

Linds said...

So what about your oversea adventure? Change of plans? I still like seeing what you guys are up to!