Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Needing Suggestions

So from the rumors running around it sounds like Anton's job may not start for over a year. That's a long time to be living jobless in my parents' basement. So I'm looking to you all to help us. What would you do if you had a year and you were completely unattached to jobs, homes, etc.? It can't be something expensive, like traveling the world, because we are jobless. But it could involve traveling if we were being compensated, liked teaching English abroad. It could involve school, since we both get military education benefits. We've looked at teaching English, which we're not really qualified for, but would love to do it if we could. We looked at sending Anton back to school to get his BA, but we're not residents of Utah so the tuition is more than the G.I. Bill will cover. So does anyone have any suggestions? Something less than a year and not expensive. Help me internet friends; you're my only hope!

Updates per people's comments:

We would only want to go to school if it furthered our careers in some way. We don't want to use up our military benefits just to get a job for less than a year. All Utah state sponsored schools are out, too expensive. BYU has already rejected Anton in the past, so no go there.

I do already have a job. I am still scoping part time. So I don't need a job, unless of course it was handed to me on a platter as something I would love to do that would make me more money than scoping, but that's not going to happen.

Also, we kind of want to do something meaningful, as in service or volunteering or something like that, but we would want a sense of adventure in whatever it is and the kids would have to be able to do it too. I realize this is asking for things that probably don't exist, but there it is.


Hadlock Hideaway said...

What you're in UTAH??? Sorry, no real ideas, but you have to come visit. Lets get together! Are you really in UTAH???

Chapman Family said...

BYU!!! woot woot! You don't need to be a resident. And you should teach at a scrapbook store teaching digital scrapbooking. I recommend Pebbles in my Pocket. Flexible hours and feeds your hobby.

This is what my crystal ball said anyway. ;) Good luck and bummer about the year wait. bleh!

MeLinda said...

What about a technical school with a short certificate course in something that he could use. It doesn't have to do anything with his major interests but there are many certificate programs available that earn money and don't take too long.See Jordan Technical School and Salt Lake Community College.

Crystal said...

You mentioned you weren't qualified to teach English. You mean for a school? Because heavens knows everyone on this base has at least one English class. there's a school just off the base that is teaching a part time college student (a friend's son) $800 for one day of work a week. Seriously. It's ridiculous. I know that those opportunities don't really come from afar, but if you were here, they are pretty easy to find here in Japan.

Andrea said...

Uhm....I have already given all my suggestions.....I am all pooped out. But you think that maybe you could come vegetate at my house?

Randy said...

Well, I can answer the question as if it were me. I would start my own business doing what ever it is that I always wanted to do (with the intent that if it took off, I would just stay self employed), but if it didn't work then you go to the job when they are ready for you. Most men have had the dream of having their own business at one time or another, this is the perfect chance to see how it goes.

Other thoughts
-buy a house while the market is down and fix it up.
-Online degree from a university that is not out of state (BYU is more lenient about their online program acceptance)
-Move to Fruitland, ID.
-Get a job that doesn't pay alot, but that you would love. (A personal trainer, or something aircraft related)

Amy said...

I don't know how it would work with kids, especially now that Ella is in school, but I think teaching abroad would be fabulous. We know a single sister in our ward (used to be one of my YW) who is teaching English in Korea. She is loving it and gets to see a new country and learn a new language. I know you guys are the adventurous type and could do it, but I don't know how the programs work with families. But getting paid to live abroad . . . not a bad idea.

OR, you could always start a cake decorating business. Your cakes are amazing!